THE SINGLE: Today Casper Caan releases the first taste of his upcoming EP by way of his debut single “Last Chance.” Resembling the body-moving pulse of LCD Soundsystem, the brash intimacy of Swedish indie-pop, and the stadium-scraping soar of classic-era Oasis, sometimes all at once, “Last Chance” is the perfect introduction to Casper Caan’s musical worldview.  This is a song that feels like a rousing journey, starting on a soothing plain of anguished balladry before bursting forth with a boisterous backbeat, bright synth figures, a distorted upright piano medley and Caan’s passionate vocals, and then moving into a full-on dance breakdown using inspiration drawn from the late French producer Phillipe Zdar. 

THE COLLABORATION: Collaborating on Casper’s music project are renown visual artist Jonathan Zawada (The Avalanches, Flume) who designed the striking cover art, and award-winning animator Kosuke Sugimoto who directed the immersive music video.   The single and the video premiered via The UK’s Wonderland who note, “bursting with bright synths and lead by a boisterous production (Caan) showcases his experimentation skills on the track as he tinkers with various hypnotic sounds and reverbs.  The single is the perfect introduction to Caan’s oeuvre as he further ventures into his own genre-blurring sound.”  LIsten/share “Last Chance” here and watch the clip here: 

While “Last Chance” represents Casper’s first single, there’s a chance you’ve heard his music already: his track, “How We Are Who We Are” made its way to Steven Soderbergh who loved its lounge-y Moon Safari vibe and included it in his recent film Let Them All Talk

THE BACKSTORY:  Casper Caan’s creative spirit has been gestating his entire life. Practically an outsider to the music industry, NYC-based Caan wrote music for himself for years until he was able to assemble a collection of vintage gear well suited for analog recording and experimentation.  “Last Chance” is the fruitful result of his creative tinkering and reflects Caan’s meticulous attention to detail, right down to his playing nearly every note on the song. 

 Watch this space for more music and news on Casper Caan, coming soon. 

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