Joelii Releases New Video For ‘Amantes’ Today

Off His Recently Released EP Buena Vaina

(Los Angeles, CA) — Latin rapper, and platinum songwriter Joelii is set to release a new video for “Amantes” on May 21st. The track is from Joelii’s Buena Vaina EP, out now. Buena Vaina is a refreshing artistic and versatile record that breaks the mold and showcases Joelii’s songwriting sensibilities. Stream Buena Vaina here:

For the “Amantes” video, Joelii was inspired by Banda love songs and infused it with a slowed down reggaeton beat. Joelii comments on the track, “When the memory, final yet vivid, is all that is left. The taste of their lips linger on yours while a part of you is still warm from their touch.” He continues, “maybe you can settle in this fantasy for a moment while you await their return. Maybe it’s already been too long.” Directed by Roger Will, the new video beautifully captures the sentiments of “Amantes” in a series of shorts as Joelii sits in moments of longing and readiness.

The song is off his new EP Buena Vaina; a recollection of thoughts, emotions and experiences reflected on over the last 4 years. “The Buena Vaina EP has been a huge growth journey for me with some of these records molding into entirely new species in the process; simultaneous to my growth as an artist and human being  (not to mention the record selection process! haha) and through all that change, one thing remains true: my intention to formulate/deliver the dopest shit.”
The new EP is 5 songs deep, all standout singular as they are cohesive within the EP. Looking at the collections of songs, Joelii continues, “The latest single off the EP: Cool De Modelo was a completely different genre and differently structured record than what the official record became! It also went through nearly 15 mixes and at least 3 masters. All for the better though haha!”  “Buena Vida is The good life,” Joelii says of the song, “When luxury is simplicity and satisfying her every need and desire is living. She leads a lifestyle, you’re falling into; Herself.” And “Desde Cero — You’ve hurt too long. Life is hard but nobody go harder than you! You it. A dime plus 99. Throw your hands up, let loose and allow yourself to enjoy something new!” Lastly, “Peligroso” is like the secret menu items. Joelii comments, “He bad and she bad too. He can get it and she can get it too. Ready, set. Indulge.”
Joelii has spent these years crafting and perfecting Buena Vaina at home studios Silver Age Studios & Buena Vaina. The new EP has a song for everyone showcasing his broad range as songwriter and vocalist. Joelii comments, “It is a manifestation of a sound and vibe I’ve put a lot of love into over the past couple of years and the presentation of it feels true to my heart and who I am! The EP title, the art, the songs, lyrics, productions, mixes, masters, cover arts, the videos… I’m really happy for ALL of it! I have released records in past years and have, recently participated on many DJ releases with super dope-internationally known friends, it’s a blessing to be able to put forth my own project now to add to all that existing dopeness! I remain grateful always for the inspiration to create and for those I got the opportunity to do this project with!”

It was produced by Silver Age with additional producer credits by JoeyTheGawd, Flip, and KRS. He recalls, “Many late nights and early mornings for sure! I recorded parts of the Buena Vida vocals and ideas for the record while on tour with Jenn in Amalfi Coast, Italy with some of the most incredible views ever. The house we stayed at was steep in the hills of a town called Ravello, otherwise known as the balcony of the world!! I ended up shooting the video for the record in Malibu, California to try to do the inspiration of those Amalfi Coast views any justice!”

By way of the Dominican Republic, the L.A. based artist Joelii is known for his versatile flows, aggressive rhymes, and bilingual seductive melodies in both English and Spanish. He has received fan and critical accolades from his collaborations with renowned artists including Major Lazer, Sak Noel, and DJ Rebel to name a few. Most notable is the song “Rub a Bum” with Jenn Morel and Play N Skillz which has received over 1.6M+ streams across all streaming platforms! DJ City hailed his collab with DJ Rebel as “infectious” and “reggaeton heater.” And prominent in his career is his songwriting and development of the ever-expanding platinum certified recording artist and Latina Rapper Jenn Morel. The multi-talented artist, Joelii, has performed all over the globe and has graced the stage alongside notable acts including Jenn Morel, Play N Skillz, JSTJR, ETC!ETC!, and Salvi.

Reflecting back on the new EP and process, Joelii concludes, “I’m a Dominican kid raised in Harlem, New York City, now living in LA, making music and pursuing my dreams full time… I pull inspiration from all of that! The WHOLE journey and growth here. Put into my music.”

Buena Vaina is out now and available everywhere you stream music. Watch the music video for “Amantes” here: 


  1. “Buena Vida”
  2. “Desde Cero”
  3. “Peligroso”
  4. “Amantes”
  5. “Cool De Modelo”