Winnipeg Pop Duo ENCORE “In My Head” May 28th

Winnipeg duo Encore releases their first single of 2021: the euphoric genre-bending track “In My Head.” Serving as the band’s follow-up to their hit “Tell Me,” “In My Head” showcases what the band is quickly becoming known for: a group who aims to seamlessly blend genres like pop, rock, and hip hop while using deft production and crafting out their own unique sound that is entirely their own.

When asked about the inspiration behind “In My Head” Encore states, ““In My Head” is about the reflection of memories and recognition of how certain things can remain with us for a long time. When you think back, it becomes clear that even though time goes on, that person or specific memory stays with you and continues to play a part in your mind.”

About Encore
After attaining a dedicated fan base from the release of their 2020 single, “Tell Me,” Encore has stepped into the limelight as one of the music industry’s most promising up-and-coming artists. Fronted by brothers Donald and Richard Plant, the group focuses on writing lyrically driven hits while simultaneously incorporating new ways to combine genres. Encore strives to create nostalgic music that leaves their fans emotionally connected to their lyrics and compositions, ensuring every listener recognizes and feels welcome as a part of the Encore family. Adopting the image of a modern-day Rolling Stones, while incorporating “Beatlesque” melodies and tying it all together with song structures influenced by music legends such as The Weeknd and Queen, Encore is driven to fuse timeless classics into the modern era of pop music.

Originally formed in the fall of 2016, the Plant brothers joined forces with bass player Daniel Rafaelov to officially create the group, adopting the name ‘Encore’ as they launched themselves into orbit as one of Canada’s youngest emerging artists. In 2017, the band signed on drummer Zach Fedorowich before embarking on a nation-wide tour, where they developed their originality and chemistry as a group, all of which was achieved just a few short months after graduating from high school.

Releasing four debut singles in just one year, Encore quickly began to turn heads with their power tracks, “Now It’s You” and “Cross the Line.” This early success led to sold out shows, frequent radio play and TV appearances upon their premiere. In the early spring of 2020, Encore released their pop-rock ballad “Tell Me,” which has since proved itself to be the group’s most successful release thus far in their career. With the premiere of the band’s first official music video, along with their devoted social media following, “Tell Me” helped to elevate Encore’s songwriting and production capabilities to new levels, cultivating their musical knowledge and shaping their creative paths in the process.

In developing a new wave of music that allows listeners all over the globe to stay connected, Encore is arising as a group that gives their following a shot from the past and a clear glance into the future. The new era is approaching, and the finest of their work is yet to come, so listeners around the world need to prepare and get ready for one of the music industry’s most promising forces.

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