Chris Linton drops emotionally-charged new single ‘Best Part’

The UK artist’s first single of the year marks a turning point in his sonic direction.

British singer-songwriter Chris Linton has unveiled new single ‘Best Part’, out now. The deeply personal single drops ahead of the narrative-strong official video the following week.

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The first of three singles he is set to release this year, ‘Best Part’ is underpinned by sparse guitar strings, impassioned lyrics and Chris’ own emotion-drenched vocals, marking a shift in sonic direction for the Plymouth-born artist.

“This song feels monumental to me and the next chapter of my career,” Chris enthuses. “Having started writing ‘Best Part’ in my living room years ago, when the world was a different place, I’d often come back to the same spot and find new depth seeping into the song as my mind made sense of the turbulence.

He continues: “In the end, all the things I’m grateful to have learnt about myself and the world over the past year ended up finding a place in the song; it says alot about the importance of seeing a light at the end of the tunnel, about better days ahead and remaining hopeful.”

Propelled by massive success in the gaming world, Chris Linton is an esteemed singer-songwriter with over 245 million Spotify streams and has had his music used in over 4 million Youtube videos. With new material in the pipeline, recent co-writes with the likes of SleepwlkrsLouis Mattrs (G-Eazy, SG LewisMaisie Peters), Hayla (ExampleWilkinson) and an upcoming session with Gabrielle Aplin are helping Chris redefine his sound.

The first of three singles he will release across 2021, ‘Best Part’ marks the start of a new chapter in the story of Chris Linton.

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