Maksim Dark releases ‘Loud Rave’ (Incl. Carlo Ruetz & Andre Winter Remixes) & announces most serious minimal techno LP ‘Insomnia’ – Senso Sounds

Maksim Dark, the Russian producer who burst into people’s consciousness in 2011, drops the first single from his new album ‘Insomnia’. Loud Rave encapsulates the album’s vibe perfectly – tough, precise techno that hits hard but always has enough space and grace to work the mind as much as the feet. The original is a masterclass in tight programming of tension and release.

The single features two perfectly pitched remixes from Senso Sounds favourites André Winter and Carlo Ruetz. André Winter’s remix is urgent and tightly wound, with a sick bass line that ultimately breaks into an acidic freakout. Ruetz’s mix is a more stripped down, low slung groove that builds into a fierce, twisted, peak-time burner.


01. Loud Rave

02. Loud Rave (André Winter Remix) 

03. Loud Rave (Carlo Ruetz Remix)




RELEASE DATE: ​25.06.21 


“Insomnia is my most serious minimal techno album to date and its inspiration has come from all of the positivity my fans give me from across the world. I’ve put my soul into every single track and created an LP that I truly love and hope my fans do to.” Maksim Dark 

25th June 2021 sees the prolific Russian techno producer/live performer Maksim Dark deliver his sixth studio album Insomnia on Oliver Huntemann’s revered Hamburg-based Senso Sounds label.   

Maksim Dark has established himself as a prolific powerhouse on the scene over the past decade – his instantly recognisable style being picked up and celebrated by some of the top names in the game. The Russian producer burst into people’s consciousness in 2011, winning the ear of techno royalty like Richie Hawtin and Dubfire. Having released five albums (Alkapones in 2011, Mechanicain 2012, With Bated Breath in 2013, My Time Is Fire in 2014, Unbroken in 2015) – plus countless singles and remix projects – he’s back with what is perhaps his most accomplished work to date.  

Insomnia contains 13 tracks of the talented Russian’s signature sound – tough, shadowy techno that grooves hard and is shot through with attitude and style. From opener ‘Dominator’ through to Dark’s personal favourte ‘Globalize’ and other highlights such as the LP’s lead single ‘Loud Rave’ and brooding closing track ‘Noah’, this long-player could be one of Dark’s epic sets behind the decks. There’s linearity to the journey and each track seems to complement the other. Drums hit hard, pitched down vocals add the edge, and his beautifully-designed laser-sharp synths cut through everything creating the ultimate soundtrack to the nights we want never to end. 

Insomnia is available via Senso Sounds on 25th June 2021.