Amni Musfirah Releases A Bedazzling New Album Titled ‘Crown’

By : Magdalena Sznigir

Singapore-born pop/r&b artist Amni Musfirah has been raising the heat level lately, with the release of a critically acclaimed single titled “Vacation.” Last Friday, the gorgeous Musfirah unveiled a new album titled Crown. The new record’s tracklist includes the catchy “Vacation,” as well as 8 other beautiful songs that vary in genres and moods. The singer-songwriter and composer displays her full capacity at translating her emotions and inspirations into mainstream songs that feel relatable for the masses of listeners. Alternating between rhythmic numbers and slower ballads, Amni Musfirah has imagined, created, and recorded a complete collection of tracks that proves to be simultaneously reflective, uplifting, and inspiring, a tour de force few can master the way she has. 

Already a well known figure in her home country, the Berklee College of Music graduate is now about to seduce the international crowds and claim her Crown. For the fans’ delight, Amni Musfirah has also released an 18 minute mini-film to accompany the album release.