Dayo ‘Playing Games’

The man behind the project named DAYO is the successful producer/songwriter Kraans de Lutin, who
shares a recording studio in Berlin’s Kreuzberg area with high-flyer Vitali “VIZE” Zestovskih. For
many years, in his role as songwriter and producer, Kraans has been a creative force behind hits for
national and international stars like R3HAB, Timmy Trumpet, KSHMR and Lea.

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In 2019 Kraans decided to start his own artist project under the name DAYO : pop songs for the
international market, each with a different vocalist and with his unique DAYO touch.

The first single “Mockingbirds” was not only a huge success on radio and in streaming sales, but was
chosen as the advertising campaign song for ViO mineral water and could be heard throughout
Germany. LEONY performed the vocals on the follow-up single, “Criminal”. Shortly thereafter she
became 2021’s Newcomer of the Year in Germany with her single “Faded Love”.

Dayo’s new single “Playing Games” will soon be released and once again he proves he is one of
Germany’s finest pop songwriters and producers. With this new single he remains faithful to his light,
summery signature sound but, this time, the song has a more mature pop sound.

Similarly, Dayo continues to demonstrate his ability to discover and deliver unusual vocals which both
enchant and intrigue. “Playing Games” is a self-confident hymn about playing and being played and
explores the intricate balance between choosing and losing.

Doubtless DAYO’s success story will continue – “Playing Games” is here, already vying to become
the summer hit of 2021.

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