Panik Pop shares new single “Your Body”

2021- We´ve all had a very rough year with not too many reasons to go and hit the dance floor with our friends. Just in time as the warm summer sun comes out giving us a life fulfilling time, Panik Pop delivers us a refreshing and reactivating sound with “Your Body”. A dynamic harmony between minimal techno and classy house tunes releases nostalgic feelings towards hot summer nights with your closest friends. “Your Body” contributes to power and love at the same time but also gives us the right spirit to go and dance carefree.

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The project Panik Pop consists of the Leipzig producer and DJ Max W., who has has been known for years for varied productions between tech- and deep house, between ecstasy and melancholy. In the scene, he is in demand.  Since his debut album, “Isolated”, he enjoys international recognition, which he proves to have earned with every new project.

Due to the vocals, “Your Body“ has brought a few rough edges in the instrumentals, causing a pretty long production time. Trial and Error, 24 song sketches and five months later, the finished product. I wanted to create a danceable, happy song for the post-covid time and got inspired by the symphony between minimal and classic house tunes.”