Biggie Babylon Goes “All In”

By : Magdalena Sznigir

San Diego rapper and entrepreneur Biggie Babylon is releasing a new music video titled “All In.” Off his upcoming album Coronado California, this major joint is a sonic blast home to devastating punches performed the Babylon way; smooth yet impactful. 

After considering quitting music during the pandemic, Biggie Babylon and his producer Thom Genius decided to go back to the studios and record “All In” as well as the rest of the upcoming album’s tracklist. 

This fire track well represents where Biggie finds himself in life, having accumulated successes in the various ventures he’s undertaken so far, be it with his Cannabis businesses or with music. 

The main message he is giving us with “All In” is that it takes a lot of courage and effort to claim the big prize.

The music video is a Hollywood-like film on its own, shot by Damien Sandoval in an underground Casino where Biggie is seen betting all night long. 

After The Greenprint, #HipHopNDance and C.E.O.G, Biggie Babylon’s upcoming album is highly anticipated in the rap scene and beyond, with “All In” giving us an addictive taste of what’s to come next. 

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