Jordana Talsky fuses multi-genre influences in new single “Oh Yeah”

Jordana Talsky is a singer, songwriter and vocal looper who fuses multi-genre influences into her own sound. A person of several voices, her ethos is to incorporate digital means into live performance in an organic way. Accompanied by a loop machine, she creates a choir of one with no pre-recorded parts. This unique skill has earned her final placements in the John Lennon Songwriting Competition and Sarah Vaughan International Vocal Competition.

Stream “Oh Yeah” here:

“Oh Yeah” is her insightful new single, posing the question, “How often do we actively reflect on our life happening?” It’s about a moment of awakening and listening to your inner voice; like when you remember something you had forgotten about, a dream that all of a sudden comes back in a flash, that allows you to stand outside of yourself and contemplate.