Pioneering Portuguese group Buraka Som Sistema release new live album


Lisbon’s boundary-pushing electronic dance group deliver an explosive live album from their legendary last-ever concert.

The vinyl edition includes a special reissue of the band’s first 7’’ record. 

Released 2 July on Enchufada (digital & vinyl)

Iconic electronic dance group Buraka Som Sistema celebrate the fifth anniversary of their landmark farewell concert and the fifteenth anniversary of their debut EP with a searing live album. Playing 800 shows during their groundbreaking decade together, the Portugese crew drops Buraka 4 Ever which features their most iconic songs and delivers a reminder of the unforgettable moments that defined their world-renowned performances. 

Going on an indefinite hiatus after their final show in their home city Lisbon, the five-member outfit left behind an extraordinary legacy thanks to introducing millions to their progressive sonic fusions of Angolan kuduro, kizomba, zouk bass and cutting-edge traits of bass-heavy techno; a standout collaboration with M.I.A; a legendary Boiler Room set; and multiple awards, including an MTV Europe Music Award.  

Beyond the numerous studio albums, singles and mixtapes, what their enduring followers remember most vividly is their high-energy live shows. During a time where those live experiences seem so distant from our present reality, it seemed all the more important to relive those moments of celebration where Buraka Som Sistema’s music truly came alive: on a massive stage in front of thousands of fervent fans. 

The group explains: “Fifteen years ago, when we released ‘From Buraka To The World’, our purpose was simple: to build cultural bridges that could help us identify and enjoy everything that was being done musically in the space we inhabited. The world opened up and in this process, our music solidified its identity. If today we grabbed a microphone and shouted, “This is the sound of Lisbon,” there would be no doubt that everyone would know what sound we were referring to. This is the legacy of Buraka 4 Ever: a bridge between the past and future of electronic music, made in what is one of the most African cities in Europe. Some bands can go on hiatus, but Buraka is 4 Ever.” 

Scene anthems such as Kalemba, Sound of Kuduro or Hangover (Bababa), recorded live in 2016, were pieced back together in the studio and remastered to recreate the inimitable live experience of a Buraka Som Sistema concert, now available as a live album on digital format and a gatefold 12’’ vinyl edition. To make it an even more exclusive experience, the vinyl edition also includes a reissue of the band’s first ever promotional 7’’record, featuring the classic tracksYah! and Sem Makas on purple vinyl. 

Hangover (Bababa)
Kalemba (feat. Pongo)
(We Stay) Up All Night
Sound of Kuduro
Komba (feat. Kaysha)
Tira o Pe
Lights Off