Rebel ACA & French Monkey & iSTAND & Danny Sprang are ‘Ready For Them’

U.K indie hip-hop duo Rebel ACA & French Monkey Wrench are poised to announce a brand new release with the arrival of ‘Ready For Them’ due this May through Buttercuts Records. Fusing hook-laden rhythms with biting social commentary, the track features the superstar talents of Jamaican MC iSTAND and Dancehall legend Danny Sprang. 

Rebel ACA details the track: “This is a continuing collaboration between myself and Jamaican MC’s, coming together again with my brothers iSTAND and Danny Sprang. Backed by French Monkey Wrench unmistakable funky bass and production. The song is “Ready for Them” – and really means ready for anything. Ready for war, ready to party, ready for summer. iSTAND starts off with his dark unmistakable flow calling to arms through the darkness, come on then. Danny raises the tone, saying when we say we’re ready. A fist in the air after this time of hardship, the gang celebrate coming out of the winter and into the sun, banging our drum and inviting the world to come. With the virus, the misinformation, the zoom, the monotony of it all we are all tired and we are all ready to move on. We have seen and done it all, and we are ready for anything”.

Often described as ‘the British Run the Jewels’, Rebel ACA & French Monkey Wrench have garnered support from BBC 6 Music – Cerys Matthews, The Shaun Keaveny Breakfast show & Tom Robinson, John Kennedy X FM, Frank Skinner Absolute Radio and Rebel ACA appears on two tracks (Including the first track) of the Billboard #1 Album CHILIAGON by Spragga Benz (as well as producing, and executive producing the entire album and co-writing 2 of the songs).

Rebel ACA and French met nearly 15 years ago, as one managed, and the other produced a funk reggae band. And ever since – their completely opposite nature in almost every way – has kept them attracted, like a nut and ratchet.

Lil’ Rossco is without doubt the best mashup DJs Melbourne has ever produced. Originally a drummer, he is the DJ who can make anyone dance, and anyone cry – without being cheesy. His has been producing for decades, developing his unique style. Responsible for much of the production and recording of Spragga Benz Chiliagon project as a whole – nicknamed “Rosscafari” by Spragga – his infectious story telling in the beat shines through.

Buttercuts Records, based out of London, has been bashing out buttery beats since 2000 been deep. Releasing hip hop, reggae, breaks, funk. folk and soul records by artists such as Kool Keith, Spragga Benz, Toddla T, Sukh Knight, Lil Rossco, General Levy, Rodney P, Tanika, Soni, Illaman, and The Rebel ACA & French Monkey Wrench. Their last release was the Chiliagon by Spragga Benz was a no1 reggae billboard smash hit for 2019. It’s simply a matter of time you cast aside the musical margarine and discover the real ButterCuts.