Chris Linton unveils heartfelt official video for new single ‘Best Part’

The UK artist’s first single of the year marks a turning point in his sonic direction.

UK artist Chris Linton has dropped the powerfully cinematic official video for his new single ‘Best Part’, out now.

Watch ‘Best Part’ Here

Punctuated by images of stunning scenery, the heart-wrenching official video for ‘Best Part’ is a bold, powerful depiction of a modern relationship – a perfect match for the emotion-drenched vibes of the track itself. The powerful video scenes were captured in multiple locations across Worbarrow Bay in Dorset, as well as London’s Trellick Tower & Bertie Blossoms Bar.

“For the video story I tried to capture moments that are relatable to all couples… no matter what colour, gender or cultural background we are,” directorKristy May Currie explains. “No relationship is perfect… we can fall into unhealthy habits and traps that are damaging to the ones we love. A relationship can appear beautiful on the outside – especially when love is obsessive.

She continues: “But the undertones of our behaviour can be destructive, controlling or unkind – the jealousy, the insecurity, the neediness, the rage, the selfish self – absorbed (narcissistic) ways. These habits are portrayed in the video. We can become trapped in circumstance and companionship and think we are happy and content, when inside we just want to ‘walk away.’”

Propelled by massive success in the gaming world, Chris Linton is an esteemed singer-songwriter with over 245 million Spotify streams and has had his music used in over 4 million Youtube videos. With new material in the pipeline, recent co-writes with the likes of SleepwlkrsLouis Mattrs (G-Eazy, SG LewisMaisie Peters), Hayla (ExampleWilkinson) and an upcoming session with Gabrielle Aplin are helping Chris redefine his sound.

The stunning official video for ‘Best Part’ ideally complements the mood of the track.

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