Love Truls releases debut EP ‘Kantande Wanai,’ new single “Tell Her”

(Los Angeles – June 4, 2021) Today, Swedish artist and songwriter Love Truls has released his debut EPKantande Wanai. The EP is released via This Is Scandinavia and is available everywhere now here. Watch the video for new single “Tell Her” here.  



Japanese for “It isn’t easy,” Kantande Wanai is lush collection of tracks exploring sounds unbound by genre but sharing a common thread of textured instrumentals and mature, insightful songwriting – a milestone moment for the precocious 18-year-old.

Describing the EP, Love Truls notes: “They are six somewhat different tracks that I have gathered along the way. Some of them were written when I was 15/16 years old, and others more recently. I guess that they all somehow try to express the life of a teenager of this generation. Maybe not in a straightforward way, but they’re mostly all about drugs, love, and mental illness. Also, the refusal to face the music (pun intended) and surrender to the dull side of being an adult.”

Alongside the EP comes new single, “Tell Her,” a slow-burning ballad blending echos of chamber pop, elegant strings, and earnest vocal melodies, of which Truls adds: “Tell Her started with just a nativistic guitar line and vocals; it has transformed and grown ever since it was written in 2018. It definitely has some classical music influences, and I wanted it to be powerful, which Röda Paradise really helped with, being able to take in real strings and shit. Shoutout Röda Paradise!”

Last month, Love Truls released his first song of 2021, “Trembling Hands (ft.Siri Gunrup Järvinen),” drawing critical love from outlets including FLOOD Magazine and EARMILKWatch the video here, which Love Truls directed himself.Love Truls first debuted in 2020 with a pair of singles “Torn Up Dress” and “ADULT,” which drew support from Sweden’s P3 Radio, MTV Germany, as well as from Spotify, including adds to their Lorem playlist + landing the Oyster playlist cover:

About Love Truls
The brainchild of Truls Söderman Carlberg, Love Truls is a true Gen Z songwriter with an innate ability to absorb, filter, and distill various musical expressions, all while vividly depicting the experience of a 21st century teenager. Check out a short day-in-the-life documentary introducing Love Truls here.

While the work on Kantande Wanaistarted when he was 16, music has been pouring out of him since he wrote his first song at the age of 4. Pulling influence from a wide array of artists – from King Krule to Idris MuhammadRoy Ayers to Tame Impala – Truls describes his music as “atmospheric,” but is more interested in finding the right sound and emotions rather than defining a specific genre. He has spent the past two years getting there; before his first single was released, he didn’t even have his own Instagram account. “I guess I’m a pretty timid person, so I’ve really had to challenge myself a great deal to be able to accomplish what I’m searching for with the Love Truls project,” he describes. “Part of me hates to be the center of attention and another part kind of likes it… but I have stopped being ashamed.”

A multi-faceted artist, Love Truls draws his own release artwork and also has a passion for film making and script writing. For the moment, he takes occasional modeling jobs, though he really hates doing it. ”Well, hate is a strong word,” he notes, “but no matter how you look at it, it feels like such a shallow thing. It feels like the trend in fashion right now is to find goofy looking people, and maybe that’s where I fit in.”

The only way forward for Love Truls is the music, and on that point, he is fundamentally uncompromising. He describes it as “the only thing I want to do and the only thing I am good at”, and adds jokingly: “… besides looking goofy, of course.”

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