Matveï channels samba-jazz on new cut ‘Lagoon’

Taken from new EP ‘Spring Collection’ due 24th June via Kitsuné Musique.

Parisian Producer/DJ Matveï shares the first taste of his newly announced EP SPRING COLLECTION. An energised backbeat gives way to bossa nova guitar strums and soulful vocals before launching into an all-out state of bliss on “LAGOON.” The A-side of the two-song EP, “LAGOON” establishes a vibe that is ready for a late-night full of excitement and adventure.

“I’m a visual person, so when making music I tend to picture moments and frame my songs in them. That’s why in my imagination, I wanted to place these two new tracks in two contrasting landscapes,” explains Matveï. “For LAGOON, I had in mind a nighttime coastal walk near a music festival.”

Not only does the song project enthusiasm for the future, but it also marks the imminent completion of Matveï’s year-long seasonal EP series. SPRING COLLECTION builds off of the bossa nova and samba themes established on SUMMER COLLECTION, incorporates the club-oriented approach heard on FALL: OVERDOSE x RUMBA, and ties together the powerful melodies from WINTER COLLECTION, creating an array of sounds for all seasons.

Matveï’s SPRING COLLECTION is due out on June 24th via powerhouse Parisian label Kitsuné Musique.