Scrimshire & Afronaut Zu drop feel-good ‘No Be Today (Yeye Be Dem Policy)’

Taken from the new ‘Global Sounds’ compilation due 13th August via Boomerang Records

Featuring London Afrobeat Collective, Duke Hugh & Bryony Jarman, Mark de Clive & Andre Espeut, Steve Spacek & Yazmin Lacey + more

Legendary electronic producer / DJ / musician Adam Scrimshire (owner of Wah Wah 45s and South London label Albert Favourites) teams up with London soul / jazz singer-songwriter Afronaut Zu on a brand new track ‘No Be Today (Yeye Be Dem Policy)’, lifted from the forthcoming jazz-house compilation ‘Global Sounds’ out this August through Boomerang Records.

Adam says: “I wanted to capture the constant and growing anger at the political situation in the UK at the time (not that it’s changed now). The insane crap about “culture wars” and barely veiled racism had reached a boiling point when we wrote this song. I tried to put that energy into the music.”

Afronaut Zu adds: “We are consistently accused of being paranoid when skeptical of receiving assistance from people or organisations who have used the same ploys to deceive us in the past. For some reason we’re expected to just accept their policies over and over again, but we are officially done.”

Boomerang Records began their journey as a record label in 2019, following a run of successful and sell-out nights in London and Leeds. They struck first with a jazz and funk-infused, experimental drum and bass, and acid breakbeat compilation album, titled ‘A Jazzual Experiment’. They followed this with two genre- twisting EP’s, including ‘Doppia Personalità’ by the Paris-based Stabfinger. This continued their itch to experiment and drew together an eclectic mix of acid, breakbeat, jungle, funk, jazz and glitch. The title track channelled the IDM and acid-inflected sound of vintage Squarepusher, and was described as ‘hectic cut-up jungle at it’s weirdest and most-wonderful’.

Boomerang Records is crafting a reputation that sees them put diversity first, ensuring their growing catalogue has a taste to fit every palette. This is something that they continue into their next release. ‘Global Sounds’ connects artists from around the world and from different scenes to create an unusual and unique collection of tracks. With collaboration, experimentation and mixing tempos all being at the heart of the albums idea, the result is a multi-genre, collaboration packed compilation LP; spanning jazz, broken beat and electronic.

The compilation is an intriguing step for Boomerang, as the label introduces some very exciting artists such as the MOBO award nominated Yazmin Lacey, the multi-award winning, king of jazz, Sir Cleveland Watkiss (MBE), Steam Down and Rudimental affiliated vocalist Afronaut Zu, broken beat pioneers Mark de Clive-Lowe and Steve Spacek, Wah Wah 45s & Albert Favourites head honcho Scrimshire, Afriquoi’s lead singer André Espeut, and a remix of London Afrobeat Collectives ‘Power to the Women’ from Gottwood / Houghton residents Krywald & Farrer. As well up and coming artists Bryony Jarman-Pinto, Footshooter, Duke Hugh, Burland & K.O.G.

Track Listing:
1. Say No More Duke Hugh & Bryony Jarman-Pinto
2. Looking Back Footshooter & André Espeut
3. No Be Today (Yeye Be Dem Policy) Scrimshire & Afronaut Zu
4. Another Like This Steve Spacek & Yazmin Lacey
5. Sunrays Mark De Clive-Lowe & André Espeut
6. Power to the Women (Krywald & Farrer Remix) London Afrobeat Collective
7. Vivid Dreams Mark De Clive-Lowe & Cleveland Watkiss
8. Pilolo With Me Duke Hugh & André Espeut
9. Threes & Fours Burland & K.O.G.

Mastered by Bob Macciochi (SC Mastering) SKU / Catalogue ID BOOM004

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