Deeperise & Kanita ‘Follow You’ Ultra Music

Turkish DJ and producer Deeperise has joined the Ultra family and is releasing his new track “Follow You,” made in collaboration with Albanian singer Kanita, out today via Ultra Music.


Deeperise is starting out on a high note with his first Ultra Music release, “Follow You.” The track begins with a unique, enticing Turkish-influenced sound, making the listener want to hear more. The soulful, passionate vocals of Kanita soon enter, with a steady beat coming through the background. The song portrays strong messages of desperately missing someone, and wanting to follow them wherever they go. The lyrics read: “If you only listen to me, I’ll say what I wanted to say, Since the day that I lost you I bleed… I follow you wherever you go.” The track comes with a lyric video, also set to be released on June 3rd.

Turkish DJ and producer Deeperise was born in 1990 in Mugla, Turkey. 10 years ago, he found a House scene that he instantly fell in love with and took his first step into the scene with his colleague DJ Tolgah, who is currently one of the most talented DJ’s and producer’s from Turkey. Inspired by the sounds of Nora En Pure, Alex Kenji, Ahmet Sendil, and Federico Scavo, Deeperise spent immense time at the studio and behind the decks improving and perfecting his skills and sounds. Deeperise is both the producer and performer of the 2017 hit songs “Raf” and “Move On,” and released the 2018 smashing hits “Geçmiş Değişmez” and “One by One.”

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