BluePrint marries old and new in a joyous and energetic EP ‘Sleeping on Your Dreams’.

Stress Records returning favourite, BluePrint delivers with impressively enchanting four-track EP, ‘Sleeping on Your Dreams’.

‘Sleeping on Your Dreams’ is blissful, progressive, and euphoric throughout, whilst never being confined to one specific style. The title track feels like the perfect set closer, boasting hypnotic breakbeats with trance-inducing pads and rave-nostalgia-vocals.

Swapping out breaks for thumping four by four kicks, ‘Over & Out’ retains that same trance-esque progression yet fires the energy levels to peak time effect. The EP’s most unique track, ‘A Sunny Hillside’ (feat. Jodie Knight) moves away from the dancefloor with a combination of live sounding instrumentation married with otherworldly vocals. Rich piano-lines, powerful kicks, and melodic pads are the formula for ’Uproar’. The track is pumping yet joyous with hedonistic energy which will be igniting dancefloors all over the globe this summer.

The 22-year-old Merseyside DJ belies his age with impressively refined production and an ear for marrying the old with a fresh set of ears. With support from the likes of Pete Tong and The Black Madonna as well as more music to come, BluePrint is set for a huge year.

artist BluePrint
title Sleeping on Your Dreams EP
label Stress Records
date July 16, 2021
format Digital
cat. # STREC048


1. Sleeping on Your Dreams
2. Uproar
3. Over & Out
4. A Sunny Hillside (feat. Jodie Knight)