Einmusik remixes Peer Kusiv’s “Bring You Back”

With “Bring You Back“, PeerKusiv has presented a fantastic fusion between melancholy and joie de vivre. The track has now been remixed by the German producer/DJ Einmusik, who has put his own touch on the track with faster-paced beats and hypnotic synths. With his great and unmistakable voice, Johanson, who’s featured on the track, gives “Bring You Back” the final touch with an extra portion of emotion. The Berlin-based singer, songwriter and producer, Johanson, has already set his mark in the dance music scene. And as well as being a musician, Johanson is working as a scientist researching artificial intelligence and its influence on human creativity and the production of new music. 

Stream “Bring You Back (Einmusik Remix)”

When it comes to Einmusik; his music is not a secret, but still an undiscovered star in the growing universe of electronic sounds. No straight line to follow, no seasonal sound – his cosmos is too big to dive through it within an hour. Born in the late ’70s, he was influenced by Depeche Mode, the sound of Visage and Kraftwerk and right after slowly discovered the world of Drum and Bass and emotional techno. He then started creating his own style full of melodies and open soundscapes with Jittery Heritage. Since then, he has released music on several well-known imprints from all over the world followed and a lot of long club nights.

Listen to the original version of “Bring You Back” featuring Johanson

His label Einmusika Recordings is a suburb for younger artists. The place where you can do your first steps and grow without a rush. After ten years, it became his favourite place to be independent and follow the inspiration without paradigms. With his long-player Serenade,Einmusik created a milestone on his imprint – Another journey to unknown widths. Like a secret garden, a wide-open playground, an undiscovered world – make sure you’re ready to take off to the future with him.