Intricate Pop Trio KARMACODA shares their new ‘Feels’

Award-winning pop trio KARMACODA will be releasing their ‘Feels’ track as an Instant-grat alongside ‘Dream On’ and ‘Lo-Fi Girl’ on the 18th of June. The songs are taken from their upcoming album, Slow Down, Melt and Catch Fire which will be released on the 2nd July via Sola Musa Music. The trio has received support from the likes of CLASH Magazine, Hotpress, CelebMix, Son Of Marketing, and Irish National radio RTÉ 2XM’s Dan Hegarty, to name a few. The video for their single ‘Make Me The One’ won two 2021 Hermes Creative Awards (Platinum) and Unglued music video (Gold). In total, KARMACODA has gained just under 650 000 plays across streaming platforms and have had their creations placed in several film and TV scores.


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InstantGrat Feels, Dream On, Lo-Fi Girl: 18 June


LABEL: Sola Musa Music

The team is composed of Jessica Ford (vocals), founding member Brett Crockett (aka B. on vocals and producer) and Japanese-American multi-instrumentalist Eric Matsuno (bass and other unique elements). B., originally from Chicago, is currently based in San Francisco along with the rest of the band. Jessica spent 10 years living in Nashville, TN. While creating their otherworldly music, KARMACODA, turn to the variegated likes of Massive Attack, Radiohead, Florence And The Machine and Gotye. Between the lead singer’s stunning vocals and the sophisticated production style, the album calls to a unique combination of Massive Attack, Radiohead, Frank Ocean, Glass Animals plus Sia, Adele, Hope Sandoval and Alicia Keys.

A stunning collection of downtempo soundscapes greeting the mature pop styled vocals, Slow Down, Melt and Catch Fire takes the listener into sultry, smokey lounges. Carrying a romanticism that’s only found in bygone eras, the trio entices the elegant tones into modernity with transformative production and gently caressing waves of synth and electronic progressions. ‘Feels’ sets the tone for the album, as the band explores the memories of a lost love with a mixture of bittersweet lyrics and slow, melodic tones that gently create a middle ground between regret and relief. 

B. tells us his thoughts on the album: “Slow Down, Melt and Catch Fire is the most personal and meaningful record we’ve ever made.  I think that’s partly due to the events of 2020 and a great deal to do with how I responded to it. As a writer, musician and producer it felt like the world got more “real” and we needed to explore those feelings and see where it took us.”

Jessica further elaborates: “We wrote these songs through phone voice recordings, email and text while COVID was happening. B. Would send me music ideas and tracks to write to that he had made. I would sift through them and listen looking for inspiration. Once I got some ideas going I would record my ideas on my iPhone while the track was playing on my computer and text them over to see if he liked where it was all going. If he did, I would continue working on the songs. The only song that was done before COVID was the first one, Dream On, which appropriately starts the album off. Once we got them all finished we went into the studio just the 2 of us, masked and in separate rooms and recorded all the vocals in one day.”

Slow Down, Melt and Catch Fire Tracklist

1. Dream On

2. We Know Just What To Do

3. Make Me The One

4. Lo-Fi Girl

5. Deep (Three)

6. Feels

7. Traps

8. Departure

9. Stay

10. Never

11. How I Feel

12. Not Afraid

13. Becoming One

14. Burn