JonJo Drake & The Enveloper – Open The Gates To Hell

If you’re looking for a track that epitomises the underground scene of Techno, then  tune into the latest joint endeavour ‘Open The Gates To Hell’ by two of Toma Hawk’s  greatest rising talents JonJo Drake and Flatfoot Sam. JonJo Drake has seen a really  healthy incline since the start of his career, with influences from legendary artists like  Carl Cox and Adam Beyer who are dominators of the UK festival scene. You can  expect JonJo Drake to deliver that dark and entrancing vibe with dark and rubbery  FX surrounded by ominous low cuts of sound that distinguish a sound of his own.  The Enveloper is equally as distinguishable in his own right, with previous hits like  ‘Selected’ picking up traction in the industry, which also placed first in the Nature  One Producer contest back in 2020. Ever since, he has had several successful  releases partnered with Toma Hawk’s iconic Lakota Records imprint like ‘Dark Age’  and ‘Join Our Crew’.

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The fact that these two budding producers have brought their inimitable sounds  together to merge as one with ‘Open The Gates To Hell’ is proving to drum up quite  the excitement as they both possess that distinct and original flair which differ in  terms of style, but they have this opportunity to sound incredible together. A deep  and grungy kick drum laced with lingering acidic elements takes the lead from the  get-go as you are thrown into a state of instantaneous movement before the catchy  bassline tones take over and fresh hits of electrifying robotic FX drench the song with  an overall infectious vibe that makes you want to get up and dance. One important  thing to note with this release is that JonJo and The Enveloper have learned to  harmonise their juxtaposing sounds really well, but you can still hear their signature  sounds seeping through the cracks of this release, which breathes an essence of life  and character into it that sets it apart from the rest. 

Representing JonJo Drake and The Enveloper is Lakota Music Raw, the label  which seems to be emerging as the Techno powerhouse that keeps on delivering.  With an overall objective for curating unique and impressive selections of Techno  that are primed to ignite dancefloors in any setting, the pair fit right in with this  release. 

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