Täpp Collective deliver an empowering message on ‘Aquaria’

Jazztronica / hiphop / classical collective Täpp, led by classically trained jazz violinist Rebekah Reid, deliver an empowering message on new track ‘Aquaria’, lifted from the debut album, ‘i like what i do // i do what i like by’ out now.

Fusing elements of soul, jazz, electronic and world music, the group create a compelling cross-genre sound, coupled with poignant, storytelling lyricism. About ‘Aquaria’, Rebekah says: “Aquaria, is named after the legendary winner of Season 10 of RuPaul’s Drag Race. It is an anthem created to empower women, transgender/gender non-conforming people and the LGBTQ+ community, encouraging them to step into their light and shine like the gifts they are to the world.”

The twelve track, genre-defying new album is a bold and eclectic project that effortlessly blends influences from classical music, jazz, hip-hop, electronics, folk music, bass and more into a complex but scintillating sound canvas created to transport audiences into a new world, where possibilities are limitless but joy is guaranteed.

Watch the video for ‘Never Knew Why’ here

The violin played by Rebekah Reid, rather than vocals, is at the forefront of many of the album’s tracks. She says: “I am determined to break down barriers for the violin and my identity as a black woman, the album is a personal project that demonstrates both the virtuosity and versatility of the violin by entrenching its sound in multiple contexts in a unique but accessible way, enabling myself to bring diverse music to new audiences, opening them up to new experiences.”

As a collaborative project, the album was conceived by musicians and creators from both London and Manchester, including poets, dancers and singers as well as drums/percussion, piano, electronics, sound engineers and more, and much of the work needed to be produced remotely due to the restrictions caused by lockdown and the COVID-19 pandemic. The compositional framework is based around Rebekah’s unique use of loop pedal ‘layering’ both live and in a studio setting in addition to improvisation, exploring the interplay between jazz harmony and classical composition, producing a unique tonal narrative that captures the imagination and tells a story.

Viology features virtuosic violin playing inspired by Vivaldi, Bach, Max Richter and Steve Reich. Infused with electronics and layering to create an ethereal tapestry of sound that both soothes and excites the senses.

Never Knew Why is a groundbreaking jazz/drill inspired conceptual piece that unapologetically addresses the Black Lives Matter protests. The track and music video feature a predominantly Black female and non-binary cast of musicians and dancers. The track itself was produced remotely during lockdown from samples and delay pedals were used to create the cinematic strings arrangement, lending to the track’s original and distinctive ‘orchestral grime’ sound.

Täpp Collective’s highly anticipated debut album ‘i like what i do // i do what i like’ will be available to purchase on bandcamp and available for streaming on all platforms from Friday 18th June.

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