Get High On Beat with the Bloom Twins and Jan Blomqvist

Director Francis Wallis teams up with long term collaborators The Bloom Twins once again to bring an ethereal fashion inspired visual to their new track ‘High On Beat’, together with Jan Blomqvist.

Wallis says: “Anna and Sonia (aka The Bloom Twins) are always unflinching in bringing their unique style and energy to screen. This video always felt like it should naturally be performance led but I also knew I wanted to caveat this with a free reign to bring something more ethereal and trippy to our visuals. We actually shot this video a year ago during lockdown 1.0 so this was also a little bit of a rude awakening about the realities of what shooting under covid restrictions truly meant. We pulled this video off with a skeleton crew with a capital ‘S’ but in some ways that’s exactly what was needed for a shoot like this ” Haven’t watched it yet? Make sure to check it out HERE.