Kamran Sadeghi showcases a provocatively geometric approach to music as ‘EMIT’ on Julia Govor’s Jujuka imprint

Few producers are as dedicated to exploring sound as a spatial and artistic medium as EMIT, moniker of the Iranian-American artist Kamran Sadeghi. Recently performing his audio-visual project “Loss Less” as part of the Musée de Louvre’s virtual festival in 2021, as well as at the NYC’s Fridman Gallery. The Brooklyn-based electronic musician releases his audacious Life Time EP in a more permanent form on Julia Govor’s label JUJUKA.  

Built with high-energy techno-ish rhythms, metallic, atonal melodies and stripped-back dub, these four compositions showcase a provocatively geometric approach to music. In the first track, “Lonely Owns Me,” a haunting strummed theme returns in different frequencies, translated through synthesis. On “Data Love” the track takes on a perplexing, almost amoebic movement at high BPMs. Inching slowly forward, it engulfs earlier sounds before lurching into new sonic territory.

In “Wake Transition,” a melodic sequence introduced as a marimba-like synth sound returns in distorted fashion and morphs with untameable momentum. Finally, on “Inverse Theme,” a lyrical synth and string melody form thick harmonies with cathedral bells that wade through the friction of white noise. It decelerates to a grinding halt and surprises with a stripped-down dub rendition of its familiar themes. 

In a time when nuance is lacking in communication, EMIT does so with poise in Life Time. The artist conjures nuanced emotions with sounds that seem to interact with one another on the same tracks. EMIT emphasizes a belief in music’s communal property– that it belongs to everybody, and nobody. Think of these tracks as the holistic consequence and unfolding of the memories and sentiments gained from an artist’s interactions with the world. This release is merely an offering of a sound memoir made possible by the situations, people, and places that have touched a lifetime.

artist EMIT
title Life Time
label Jujuka
date August 16
format Digital
cat. # JUJUKA006


1. Lonely Owns Me
2. Data Love
3. Wake Transition
4. Inverse Theme