Toolroom – VIP Edits EP Featuring Dombresky, Flashmob, GotSome & More

Toolroom is gearing up for the clubs to reopen as up next, is a solid collection of dance floor  ready VIP Edits from some of their most popular releases so far in 2021. Featuring reworks of  Chaney’s ‘Back To Me’ feat. Laura Davie, Dombresky’s ‘Do You Remember’ feat. Camden  Cox, ‘Closer’ by Flashmob and Sllash & Doppe’s ‘Off My Mind’. If that wasn’t enough the EP  also features GotSome & George Kwali’s record, ‘In The Dark’ along with a dub mix of ‘Reach  Out’ by Siege. A serious selection of tracks, the VIP Edits EP is made exclusively for the club.  

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Curated by Toolroom and selected for DJ’s who want to get the very best of Toolroom’s  brand-new releases into their sets in time for the return of live events, the VIP Edits EP is a  little something for the underground and a must-have for DJ’s. With each artist putting their  own spin on originals, they bring a whole new vibe to the VIP Edits that are bound to set the  dance floor on fire. This is the sound of Toolroom 2021, reimagined for the club and ready to  sound track your summer.

VIP Edits EP Track List 

1. Dombresky feat. Camden Cox – ‘Do You Remember (VIP Edit)’

2. Flashmob – ‘Closer (VIP Edit)’ 

3. Chaney feat. Laura Davie – ‘Back To Me (VIP Edit)’

4. GotSome & George Kwali – ‘In The Dark (VIP Edit)’

5. Siege – ‘Reach Out (Dub Mix)’ 

6. Sllash & Doppe – ‘Off My Mind (VIP Edit)’