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7 Questions with Max Vangeli

 7 Questions with Max Vangeli

We got some interesting insights from him on his first successful releases off the label. Max also spoke about the title behind the imprint, the idea behind the video of his first smash hit (Shine) off the new label, his thoughts on the late great Prince and most importantly, we were able to go deep with Max about his seemingly endless collection of caps.

Be sure to check out the video of “Shine” below, plus the brand new tracks off his new imprint NoFace which are all available for download here. We’ve also got the latest mix show from his weekly set titled CODE RADIO.


Meet Max Vangeli

What is the story behind the title ‘NoFace’ and please share with us the new challenges you’ve been able to discover with the launch of your own imprint.

Thank You so much! It’s been a lot of work and I am so grateful to be here with my new imprint. The name represents “No Identity” So it’s all about good music and not necessarily one way or another. I just want to have fun again and not really box myself in too much.


Your first release “Shine” on NoFace was a smash hit amassing over 1 million Spotify streams that lead to an elaborately detailed music video. Who did you work with for the video and talk to us about the idea/process behind it in relation to the record.

Thank You so much, that record is very special for me because it was the FIRST on the label. We worked with this amazing group of people in New York and I think they did an amazing job. The whole concept was to make something old but feel fresh, that house vibe that can be played in today’s market.

Tell us about the collaboration process with Flatdisk on your following release ‘Blow this Club’. Was the idea sort of pre-conceived in terms of creating something a bit different for the dance floors? 

I have worked with the guys for many years and I love working with them. I think they are very underrated producers and the work flow with them is always fast! The idea was to make something fresh and banging for the clubs. The record works so well and I am very proud of that one.

You’ve spoken about delivering a fresh sound with NoFace. Does the latest release with ’Stay Out’ exemplify the notion of stepping out of your comfort zone? Can we expect more tunes similar to this?

100%. I think I am at that point in my career where I need to just not care so much and have fun with it. I have been making music for so many years that at this point I think crossing a few boundaries was bound to happen! I am still searching for my sound but it’s definitely my new direction.

Outside of your recent endeavors and going back in time, tell us a little bit about your relationship with house music growing up. Talk to us about some early influencers in your musical career and how it made an impact in you.

“My biggest influence was Defected, especially that Junior Jack sound, it blew my mind. I was definitely influenced by that sound growing up. San Francisco Deep House was also huge for me, since I grew up in SF. Guys like Kaskade were a big part of my sound growing up too.”


Any thoughts on the late, great Prince and his impact, if any, it had DJs/Producers in the dance music industry.

“It was a huge loss and I think what he has done for the music industry is incredible. I wish we all had a bit of Prince in us sometimes.”


Your thoughts on the State of Dance Music ‘Globally’ today.

“Right now it’s in a bad spot but it’s like anything, it’s a cycle and we will get out of it. I think it’s a very interesting time we are going through right now, and the strong will prevail. I’m excited more than ever about what’s coming.”


Lastly, and most importantly, how deep is your cap collection?

HAHA it’s deep! I’ve probably got hundreds, everyone thinks my hair is thin, but it’s the opposite, I have so much hair it gets in my face when I DJ.