Abbacaxi channels disco and soul on upbeat new cut ‘The Pageant’

Returning  to Lost Decay / Faction to follow up on his debut release, More Than I Need, Irish multi-instrumentalist Abbacaxi presents, The Pageant, a colourful nod to Soul, Disco, and House anthems of the ’90s.

As the title suggests, The Pageant is a celebration, “It’s about the feeling of being in sync with the people around you. Sometimes it’s one person, sometimes it’s hundreds of people moving together in exact rhythm. I put myself at the scene of a parade with hundreds of proud individuals in happy tandem.”

Hailing inspiration from the wonky feel of old-school disco, Abbcaxi add’s simplistic liquid bass lines with a nod to artists of the 90s like St Germain and Laurent Garnier.

Abbacaxi is an intentional misspelling of the Portuguese word for pineapple. With that fruit’s sweet a A and juicy associations, and the extra ‘b’ a subtle nod to Abba’s sing-song disco sounds, you have a big hint at what to expect from Abbacaxi’s music. Though his fun, effervescent character is reflected in his music, he is just as able to break your heart with his melancholic acoustic guitar and neo-soul vocals.

Musicians as versatile as Abbacaxi don’t come along too often, so strap in and enjoy the ride. With his debut EP set to release in early 2022, expect to hear more of the ever-expanding Abbacaxi sound.

Mixed by Ross Fortune at The Love Nest
Mastered by Ivan Jackson at Hellfire Studios
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