Abi Ocia unveils impassioned new single & video ‘LTWYLM’

It marks the first release since her acclaimed 2019 EP ‘Where Are You?’

West London artist Abi Ocia marks an exciting return with her alluring new single ‘LTWYLM’, out today.

Stream ‘LTWYLM’ Here

Steeped in yearning and pure emotion, ‘LTWYLM’ channels a bubbling 80s synth-pop sound that allows Ocia’s fervent vocals to take centre stage. The nostalgic, heart-on-sleeve official video accompanying the track is directed by Helena Coan, who directed the critically acclaimed film Audrey: More Than An Icon. Providing a perfect visual encapsulation of the song’s mood and energy, the visual sees Ocia passionately moving across a dance-floor, while reflecting on interspersed clips of time spent with an ephemeral love.

Speaking on the song, Ocia shares: ‘The song is a playful confusion between the fantasy of falling in love, and the mournful realities those feelings can come with. It struggles to find a balance between these two emotions, while also indulging them. How long can you love something that you know may not be for you?’

LTWYLM’ marks her first release since praised 2019 EP ‘Where Are You?’, a record that LADYGUNN said “delicately bears style, identity and modernity in every lyric and alluring melody”.

A fiercely independent artist, Abi’s partnership with recently launched label VERO Music has enabled her to continue to do things in her own time and on her own terms. Since her debut single, 2016’s elegant, gently percolating ‘Running’ she has eschewed the constant need for ‘content’ in favour of taking her sweet time. Even Where Are You?’ came cloaked in mystery, with the artwork, inspired by Shakespeare’s King Lear, showing her face partially covered.

Entering a new phase in her career, ‘LTWYLM’ represents Abi Ocia returning to the spotlight, ready to reveal fresh inspiration, heartfelt vulnerability and a unique musical vision.

For more re. the art and culture that inspires Abi’s creative process, and a deep dive into her “LTWYLM” music video collaboration with dir. Helena Coan, visit Abi’s’ VERO profile HERE.”