Agoria’s What if the dead dream acquires new shape with Quentin Sirjacq’s classical approach to the infinite remix

French multi-disciplinary artist Agoria, aka Sébastien Devaud, recently came together with Colombian electronic artist, Ela Minus, for “What if the dead dream”, the first single of his forthcoming album. This time he returns with a new take on What if the dead dream by Paris born pianist and composer Quentin Sirjacq. With a little help of Artificial Intelligence, Sébastien says farewell to the static and finite formats of sonic endeavours. With The Infinite Remix, listeners are offered a new version each time they press play, being met with each layer, each second, each instrument, each arrangement played differently each time.

The Infinite Remix is made in collaboration with a team of coders and engineers from Bronze company, using a technology that allows a piece of music to be transformed into a file made up of a large number of digital audio particles, offering infinite versions of the existent track.

The remix by Quentin Sirjacq moves away from more traditional club remixes of Agoria’s work that included Black Coffee, Cassius and Solumun.

Agoria writes: “I don’t know if it’s the air of the countryside or my art projects, but the single remixes here are a kind of metamorphosis. A hybrid record where the re-readings are both in the hands of the so-called “classical” music composer Quentin Sirjacq, and Artificial Intelligence. Quentin is a brilliant butterfly, pianist, and peerless melodist, and I am so happy to have him on board. As for the AI, it cocoons an infinite number of versions within it.  Every time you hit play, you will discover a remix that only you will hear. Each version is unique, like a rebirth.” 

artist Agoria feat. Ela Minus
title What if the dead dream (Quentin Sirjacq Remix)
label Sapiens
date 28th August
format Digital | Infinite Remix

The Infinite Remix player