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An Interview with Timucin Ozgur

An Interview with Timucin Ozgur


Ozgur Timucin is the CEO of KP Recordings , a division of Karia Productions Publishing Group.
KP Recordings is a staple of the EDM music scene and have kept the label going strong for 5 years and counting years. Find out how KP Recordings is staying ahead of the pack and their plans for the future in this interview.
FYS:What does a normal day consist of for the KP Recordings?

Timucin: Well, it usually starts with strong, quality coffee, followed by a general meeting about what’s going on to keep the whole team up to date. After the meeting, general day-to-day tasks are performed.

FYS:You have a great insight into the world of dance music – are there any surprising trends that you can see starting to form?

Timucin: Although House music, Tech House and Techno are now becoming the strongest genres in the Dance Music scene.

FYS: How do you think the music business is currently doing? Does it look more promising?

Timucin: It’s doing better. Fortunately for us, we’ve been growing our business every year. We’ve had some very good years, even during some really tough times in the industry. We need to keep the bar super-high and make great albums, and put our heart and soul into the entire body of work that gets created and sold. I think we’re in a business that is getting healthier.I think the key now is to keep evolving and staying ahead of the curve — never resting on one’s laurels and constantly innovating.

FYS:How do you think that has affected the way you run KP Recordings?

Timucin: I think it gives me empathy with the artists on the label and I can see things from their point of view. A lot of labels view artists as a commodity, where as we are very musician orientated and leave the creative side to the musicians. I can appreciate that is important.


FYS: As a small label, what are the biggest challenges you face?

Timucin: Ah… Everyone has more money than you. Once I separate my personal money from the business money, I find that like, my business doesn’t have a lot of money, which is why than even earlier than most labels did, we went all digital.

FYS: What have you learn running the label?

Timucin: None of us came from a business background, and I think we’ve probably made some bad business mistakes over the years, so we’ve certainly learnt about the business side as we’ve gone along.

FYS:At a small label, keeping an eye on the budget is always important. When you are promoting a new release, how do you prioritize your promotional budget? If you could only spend money on one thing – say, a radio promotion company, a print media promotion company or advertising, what would you choose? Why?

Timucin: It depends on the project. As a rule radio sells records more effectively than press. But a band whom by their nature are not going to get a lot of radio exposure – because they’re too subtle, too ‘out there’ or whatever – probably don’t justity the expense of a radio plugger. I would suggest the label services the specialist radio on its own if it can and meanwhile spend money on press. Retail promo needs to work in conjunction with other areas . If you have an artist with a significant sales history, you can project likely sales and work back, formulating a budget of what is sensible to spend and then breaking that down into specific areas..


FYS:How important do you think it is for artists to promote themselves on the internet? Do you think things like Facebook,Soundcloud can take the place of more traditional promotion routes?

Timucin: The internet has changed so many things. Digital distribution and file-swapping…podcast…Facebook, etc. The importance of the internet is pretty overwhelming. I think those web presences has really allowed them to have an important connection with their fans.Soundcloud is a great shop window for artists – but traditional press/radio support, gigging, etc. the Facebook should support and complement that activity. I don’t think it is enough to upload your new demos and sit back and wait for the world to come and discover you and make you a star.

FYS: With a lot of your artists releasing singles this summer and fall, of all different genres – can you tell us a little bit about the process of how you decide to sign the talent you do?

Timucin: KP Recording artists are not just artists. We are a music family, creating a music impression in the hearts of listeners of the world. When I sign talent, I don’t just sign anyone. I sign hard workers, people eager to grow and work together towards a common goal. Obviously talent is a must, however, I pay attention to how artists carry themselves in the business of music, work ethics, and confidence. Confidence is the magnet that attracts the hearts of the people bringing comfort to those who are not sure. I ultimately look to sign talent who can provide longevity and music security to the fans and listeners.

FYS:Can you share some upcoming plans you’re particularly excited about?

Timucin: There are two innovative aspects of our program that i have not mentioned that I am very excited about. Each of these platforms has both fixed and video ads. Like all other revenue, the revenue from these ads is split with the artists. This is something no other record company in the world is doing. To us, it just makes sense and fits with the times. If someone does not want to buy music but just wants to watch videos and listen to streams they can do so for free and the artist still makes money, everyone wins.

Another thing I am very excited about is our new sync license program. We offer not only a one stop shop for licensing and publishing music of all genres but many other benefits no other company offers,and we market their project and the soundtrack via our proprietary marketing platform. So when a music director licenses music from another company they just pay money and get music.

FYS:What advice would you give someone starting their own label?

Timucin: Start a publishing company! And remember putting out records is good for the soul not for the pocket.

Thanks so much for taking the time to chat with us here at findyoursounds!