Are Slots Really Random Games?

Are Slots Really Random Games?

Slots are the most popular games in both land and online casinos. They are responsible for the bulk of the revenue generated by these casinos. This can be attributed to slot games being easy and basic; you need no extra skill to make money off it. Digital technology has made commendable efforts in the evolution of slots, bringing about diversity in the original concept. Slot machines have a currency detector feature, amongst other features, to validate your payment. This advancement has also seen the adoption of different technologies to make sure slot games remain fair at

Before putting their hard-earned money in slot machines, players are posed with the concern of trust; Are slot games random?

Most players believe that a computer chip is selecting the numbers at random, but they neither know what it is nor how it works. Slot machines worldwide have adopted the Random Number Generator (RNG) technology to ensure a random sequence of stimulated numbers is generated constantly, at a rate of hundreds per second. RNG is at the heart of every slot machine; it is an algorithm designed by humans to enforce a fairness policy in slot machines. The random number generated by this algorithm determines the result of the reel spin.

Why Random Number Generator?

Before the advent of video and online slots, mechanical slot machines were available in casinos, hotels, bars, restaurants, and pubs. Technology evolved fast; mechanical slots were confined to history. Players had to pull the lever to get the reel spinning and stretch a string to bring the spinning to an end gradually. This was the only means to ensure the randomness of slot machines. Gamblers soon deciphered the working principle and found ways to edge over the house and other players. Casinos and players looked for ways to make slot machines fair and even for all. The pursuit for fairness proved productive; an algorithm was created to ensure the randomness of slot symbols. All spins on slot machines are generated by an algorithm known as Random Number Generator (RNG). RNG generates a sequence of numbers that translates into positions of slot symbols. Different combinations of slot symbols result in different payouts. The RNG ensures that each of these combinations is at random, making it almost impossible to predict.  

How Does Random Number Generator Work?

Random Number Generator (RNG) might sound simple, but it is more complex than it sounds. RNG springs into life immediately after the “play” icon is clicked by a player. A sequence of random numbers is generated every second; each number correlates to a certain position of the slot symbol. This ensures that the result of the spin varies depending on the exact second the game is played. A fraction-second delay in spinning a reel will cause a big difference in the outcome. Each spin has the same odds of landing a perfect combination, and no player has the edge over another.

A high-quality RNG technology must be in place because numbers and sequences will repeat themselves, and if the interval is too short, the next advanced player might be able to predict the result.

Final Thought

Slot machines employ the RNG to make the outcome of spins random. Even though you have done your homework and taken up the best strategy, remember that the outcome of this game is entirely random. The element of luck is what slot games are about.