Baiuca Releases New Single “Luar” with Lilaina

A leader of the global “folktronica” movement, Galician producer Baiuca (aka Alejandro Guillá) returns to the scene with a brand new single, “Luar.” Over Baiuca’s dark and brooding beat, the Galician folk group Lilaina offers a stunning, melismatic vocal performance, with beautifully haunting harmonies that complement the instrumental timbre. Baiuca displays his technical prowess by sampling and chopping the preceding vocal line, like a Dilla or Burial technique but with a Galician folk twist.

“Luar” is a fitting preview for Baiuca’s upcoming album, “Embruxo,” his second full length project, which is due out Spring, 2021. The album is a worthy follow-up to Baiuca’s stellar debut, 2018’s “Solpor,” and his string of EPs and collaborations. With a style that mixes traditional sounds with contemporary electronic productions, Baiuca stands as a testament to the growth and influence of the Latin dance music scene the last few years, yet he offers his own unique Galician take on the genre from across the Atlantic.