Bodi Bill channel the absurd on bouncy alt-pop bop ‘Loophole Travelling’

Berlin based art-pop / electronic trio Bodi Bill return with a brand new release ‘Loophole Travelling’, lifted from their forthcoming album due later this year through Sinnbus. This new single will be released as an EP, including four brand new tracks.

“Loophole Travelling” is a laconic comment on the willy-nilly mishmash content delivered by the shimmering world of influencers. Fenk explains: “The song takes place in this weirdly assembled reality. Copy + paste, things often appear to be much more substantial than they are. Feelings and meanings remain blurry. Oh, and speaking of, there’s also some Space X stuff in it, again!”

As for the accompanying video, Fenk continues: “We follow influencer H., who happens to find two super cute animals on a stroll. And she takes them with her through her day filled with heartfelt moments and inspiring this-and-thats. They have a lot of fun, but around early afternoon these two start to needle her. On top they get a bit smelly. So may be it’s time for something new, and time to part. Which is done, short and brief, in quite a robust way. On to new ideas then!”

And he adds: “Bodi Bill responds with a smiley and ‘genius!'”

Following a hiatus of seven years, Bodi Bill returned in 2019 with a series of acclaimed releases ‘Kiss Operator’, ‘What If’ and ‘Better Than Reality’, offering a continually evolving approach to their music. ‘Loophole Travelling’, is the next new single release carving the path towards the band’s new album.

Tracklist: 1. Loophole Travelling, 2. B-Sides, 3. Drones, 4. Club Surprise


Bodi Bill are pioneers of a modern musical eclecticism of Techno, Folk and Indie. Out of nowhere and without much screaming they grow up and into the hearts of the listeners, making themselves indispensable there and overflowing them with beautiful regularity in sweaty live shows. At the temporary climax of the band, other experiments become more interesting and important. Since 2012 Fabian Fenk and Anton Feist have been carrying tenderness into techno with The/Das, while Alex Stolze is working with UNMAP as well as under his own name on linking urban pop music with the intimate sound cosmos of traditional instruments. Above all, however, they leave an empty space that has not yet been filled.

Bodi Bill, then as now, is all about the exchange of ideas and creative processes, which do not take place in seclusion, but in attentive interaction. The band reflects a large circle of creative friends, who sometimes work together loosely, sometimes more closely, and whose motivation is always based first on content. As nodes in an irregularly knotted net, Bodi Bill bring the energies together again. With newly found calmness they throw old working methods and internal structures out of the pile, challenge themselves and ask counter questions rather than give answers.

The new music of Bodi Bill opens the view to the coming time and to what the band always was and always is: the joy of experimenting, the mutual creative motivation, the unconditional curiosity.