16 Ibiza beach clubs have been told “no music, no DJs” by the San José municipal town hall. The announcement comes less than two weeks after an Ibiza council gave local authorities more power over open-air venues.

The powers-that-be in San José already ordered the beach clubs to reduce their noise levels from the current 85db to the lower 65db by the start of next season or face very tough fines

Officials are now asking for all music to be cut until proper paperwork and permits are completed. According to local publication The Ibizan, “ [although] all the clubs in question may have registered with the central island government, the Consell, that is only a small part of the authority and registration they must hold to be a beach club. San José say that the clubs must also gain permission from them as the local council, and that none of them have done so.”

The restrictions are being imposed following a steep increase in the number of music venues lining up on San José’s beach front. According to local officials, this influx has been detrimental to the traditional tourism the island has relied on. Venues owners state they are merely keeping up with demand and don’t want to lose tourism dollars to countries like Croatia.

At the time of posting, the 16 clubs have not been officially confirmed. However, Blue Marlin, Nassau, Cala Bassa Beach Club and Bora Bora are popular destinations in the area.

More details and speculation via the Ibizan.

Separately, Ibiza authorities continue to look into banning alcohol on flights to the White Isle.

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Fabric to throw 30-hour party for its 18th birthday

Fabric to throw 30-hour party for its 18th birthday ile ilgili görsel sonucu

Fabric will soon be of legal age.

Come October, the London based nightclub will celebrate its eighteenth birthday in “adult” fashion with a thirty-hour party. The extended event will commence on Saturday, October 21 at 11 PM and will continue into the wee morning hours on Monday, October 23rd.

As is usually the case of birthdays, Fabric will be commemorating its eighteenth anniversary with some friends. Ten acts have been confirmed for Fabric’s birthday event thus far, including Ricardo Villalobos, Jay Clarke, and Raresh. More performers will be added to the marathon’s lineup as the event approaches.

Fabric was unfortunately unable to host a birthday event for its seventeenth year last year due to being shut down a week prior by authorities and having its license be revoked for drug and crime related reasons. Therefore, the institution is sure to make up for the time it lost last year in this year’s festivities.

Via: Resident Advisor

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Julian Jordan Is Set To Host His Own Night During Amsterdam Dance Event 2017

julian jordan ade 2017

Julian Jordan – ADE 2017 – Make sure you’ll close out this year’s Amsterdam Dance Event together with Julian Jordan on Sunday, October 22nd in Amsterdam’s finest club Jimmy Woo. Expect a high energy show, loads of new music and some of his best friends joining the night.

Buy Tickets Here

The young DJ is more than familiar with the venue, after making it his home during last year’s ADE. He will play alongside some of his best friends and colleagues in the industry. Like the previous edition we need to expect the unexpected, when it comes to people dropping by the Woo.

Julian‘s schedule will be insane during this year’s Amsterdam Dance Event. Not only will he be hosting his own night, he’s also bringing a Pop-up store to the city. Where Julian will meet up with fans, drop his latest collaboration with fashion brand Chasin’ and much more.

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Mykonos: Dance Music’s Next Ibiza

Thomas Heyne, the ebullient German-born founder of new beachside hotspot Scorpios Mykonos, couldn’t be more proud of his adopted home. “For beach clubs and hotels, I consider Mykonos the best destination in the world,” he says. “Ibiza freaks who say they’ll never go anywhere else come to Mykonos and say, ‘Why didn’t I come here earlier?’”

Mykonos operators see their small Cycladic island not as a challenger to Ibiza, but a more laidback alternative for savvy tourists. First of all, the numbers are very different: Ibiza drew 3.6 million airport arrivals in 2016, up 15 percent from 2015, according to officials. By contrast, the Greek Tourism Confederation (SETE) tells Billboard that Mykonos, which has just 180 hotels, saw 290,000 international arrivals in 2016, with a projected 11 percent increase in 2017.

This growth has been good for the island’s reputation as a sun-drenched dance music Mecca. In addition to a growing crop of luxe beach club/restaurant hybrids, including Scorpios and the nearby SantAnna, a new 1000-person capacity nightclub Void has opened in Mykonos Town. This flurry of new investment has played out against the backdrop of Greece’s crippled economy. While insiders say the island felt the hit of the debt crisis around 2010, its tourism industry had regained strength by 2013.

Boasting beautiful beaches and an even Mediterranean climate, Mykonos has long been a popular LGBT destination, with a cluster of renowned gay bars in Mykonos Town. However for tourists seeking big-ticket DJs (and the guarantee of a party stretching well past sunrise), the gold standard is Cavo Paradiso. The 2000-person capacity open-air space, which opened in 1993 on a cliff overlooking the Aegean Sea, has maintained its reputation as one of the world’s best clubs. No expense is spared on talent, either. Cavo’s 2017 schedule swings from EDM draws DJ Snake and Alesso to techno icons Richie Hawtin and Sven Väth, while also welcoming next-gen stars Marshmello and Alan Walker for the first time this summer. (Prebooked tickets generally cost between 25 and 50 euros; a comparable event at Pacha Ibiza charges between 50 and 90 euros online.)

Coda Agency’s Mike Malak – whose client list includes Dada Life, Bingo Players and AlunaGeorge – understands Cavo’s cachet with artists. “Because of its history, Cavo is one of those must-play clubs in Europe for DJs,” he says. Cavo regulars Nervo, who first visited the island in 2014, tailor their big-room sets to a crowd diverse in nationalities. “We try to play all our hits because we love to see fans singing along in the crowd there,” they say. “We normally finish our set as the sun comes up, so it’s much later than a lot of our European gigs.”

Cavo’s general manager Margharita Antonini acknowledges the club’s rare endurance. “We are one of a handful of electronic music venues worldwide that has been operating for nearly a quarter of a century,” she says. Despite sharing many of the same acts with Ibiza’s superclubs, Antonini sees no useful comparison between the islands. “Venues in Mykonos are constructed in a more natural way according to regulations of Cycladic islands tradition,” she says. “Mykonos is also more intensely influenced by other cultures.”

NERVO’s Miriam (left) and Olivia Nervo onstage at the island’s Paradise Club in 2016.

NERVO’s Miriam (left) and Olivia Nervo onstage at the island’s Paradise Club in 2016.

Before opening Scorpios in 2015, Heyne and his partner Mario Hertel ran Paradise Club, Cavo’s longstanding rival for big-ticket acts. (Since their departure, the venue has rebranded, with new artist bookers, as the day club Tru Paradise.) “When we were in competition with Cavo, we definitely paid more than Ibiza for talent, because the agencies were playing ping-pong with us,” he recalls. During his Paradise Club tenure, Heyne looked for artists on the brink of blowing up. “There were DJs I booked for the first time in Mykonos for 3000 euros, and they hugged and thanked me for the opportunity. Three years later they cost 150,000 euros – and if the neighbor offers them 5000 euros more, that DJ is gone.”

Sources tell Billboard that fees in Mykonos are usually consistent with a DJ’s asking price in other European markets, while artists often accept a reduced fee in Ibiza because of the island’s prestige. And unlike Mykonos, Ibiza favours season-long DJ residencies with a limited number of (coveted) guest slots. Malak confirms Coda’s number of Mykonos bookings has doubled in 2017 after three static years. “Artists speak to each other and the message gets around that it’s an amazing place,” he says.

In contrast to Cavo’s all-night model, beachside day parties are a growing trend. Italian duo Tale Of Us, whose moody, evocative house sound is a hit in Ibiza, signed on for five “sunset sessions” this season at Mykonos’s Alemagou Beach Bar. At Scorpios, the parties finish by midnight, with Heyne eschewing bank-breaking acts for a carefully curated experience. “If you deal with famous DJs, you’re very easy to copy, because the only measure is who’s playing tonight,” he reasons. “People are looking now for an all-day experience, especially if they’re on holiday with their families. If you’re getting home from a club at 8am, the next two days are not your friend.”

This shift towards sunset hours has popularized a deeper house sound on the island that’s miles from EDM anthems. In step with that trend, Void’s owner Jarrett Pasaoglou has targeted the likes of Damian Lazarus, Guy Gerber and Seth Troxler for the club’s first season. “The music is changing,” he says. “You can see it from Burning Man to Coachella to here.”

Housed in a former cinema, Void is a novel proposition for the island. “In Mykonos, you’re not allowed to build any more buildings,” Pasaoglou explains. “Void will stay the only big indoor nightclub.” Pasaoglou pursued the contract for the space with his father, who opened the enduring Mykonos beach bar Astra in 1987. The Void fitout includes sleek design and a Funktion-One sound system. “You can’t just open something and expect business in Mykonos,” he says. “The clientele coming now has a lot of expectations.”

There are few DJs in Greece who understand the scene as deeply as Mikee. The Athens-based underground techno veteran, who made his name as a DJ in the 1990s and now runs the influential label Deep Phase, credits Cavo Paradiso for putting Mykonos on the international map. “The island has the ability to create trends, not only to adapt to them,” he says. “While Cavo holds the scepter in the Greek electronic scene, many clubs in Mykonos Town have risen and fallen since the early days, having no real musical identity beyond taking the commercial way.” Mikee also sees the island’s growth as indicative of a wider trend. “It’s not a revival of the golden age of the ’90s – which cannot and perhaps shouldn’t happen – but the electronic scene in Greece is gradually on the rise again,” he says.

Doing business in Mykonos requires perseverance. The island’s slow-moving bureaucracy and high operating costs (the value-added-tax rate in Greece is 24 percent) are frequently voiced frustrations. Meanwhile, working with clubs in Mykonos from afar has been for “an up and down journey” for Coda Agency. “It used to be a bit of a minefield, not knowing when the money would come in,” Malak says. “There’s definitely a handful of clubs we can rely on now.” Void’s Pasaoglou hopes to end the island’s expensive bidding wars. “I would love to be able to create a price list [for DJ fees] that we all follow here,” he says. “It won’t make sense for Mykonos to pay three times more money than other markets.”

Despite the challenges behind the scenes, Mykonos now has more options than ever for dance music-seeking tourists. “The overall scene has broadened, with a greater variety in music and venues,” Nervo agrees. “Mykonos also feels more local and less ‘commercial’ than Ibiza: you don’t always need to make a table reservation at your favorite restaurant, but it’s almost impossible to find a taxi.” While it’s far from a budget destination in 2017, the island isn’t just for moneyed vacationers. “Mykonos still has that hippie feeling,” Pasaoglou says. “The hospitality in Greece I don’t think you can find anywhere else. Whether you’re a billionaire or an 18-year-old backpacking, we want everyone to have a good time.”

That promise of a good time—whether it’s greeting the morning at Cavo Paradiso, soaking in the sunset at a beach party or getting lost on the Void dancefloor—is turning more and more people onto Mykonos. However insiders agree that for now the tourism industry is growing at a healthy rate. “There’s limited space here, so everything moves more slowly,” Heyne says. “That’s good for the sustainability of this island.”

Mykonos’s steady success is also a beacon of resilience in hard economic times. “Greeks are used to adversity,” says Antonini. “We have been invaded and occupied many times in our 3,500-year history. We are still here and will continue to be.”

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Father Of Disco: Giorgio Moroder, Celebrates 40 Years Of Groundbreaking Record In NYC

Moroder Flier

Giorgio Moroder – ‘I Feel Love‘ – Celebration – In July 1977, Donna SummerGiorgio Moroder and Pete Bellottecreated a hit song that revolutionized dance music and spread a message of love, acceptance and freedom of expression that still resonates today.

In New York, on July 27, MixmagCasablanca Records and the Smirnoff Sound Collective will celebrate the anniversary of this amazing record – and it’s message of love and inclusivity – with its legendary producer, Giorgio Moroder, at Schimanski in Brooklyn. Purchase tickets here while they still last and check out the original hit below!

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With ULTRA BRASIL’s 2017 edition fast approaching, the brand has announced an exclusive partnership with Brasil’s leading entertainment trendsetters, Cafe de La Musique. The VIP EXPERIENCE by Cafe de La Musique is available to purchase now with extremely limited tickets via the link below.


Known globally as the leading purveyor of unique experiences in both fine dining and exclusive nightlife events, Cafe de La Musique have become a household name since launching over a decade ago in São Paulo. Brand partners Alvaro Garnero and Kadu Paes have created and serviced major events from Monaco to Paris, and even New York, effectively capturing the imaginations of global leaders in fashion, food, and music.


For ULTRA Brasil, the VIP EXPERIENCE will include two privileged viewing areas of the Main Stage, premium bars, executive bathrooms, and exclusive seating areas. Purchasing this experience will also grant ticket holders access to a separate entrance line for the 3-day festival, so as to streamline movement through the Sambódromo.

Ultranauts can purchase these exclusive tickets for the prices as listed below, and can look forward to an unparalleled VIP experience.

(Early bird) VIP 3 1 DAY TICKET – R$1.236 (student price) – R$1.664,00

(Early bird) VIP 1 DAY TICKET – R$499,00 (student price) – R$ 812,00

(Tier 1) VIP 3 DAY TICKET – R$1.374,00 (student price) – R$1.848,00

(Tier 1) VIP 1 DAY TICKET – R$568,00 (student price) – R$ 923,00

ULTRA Brasil will feature headliners Adam Beyer, Alesso, Armin Van Buuren, David Guetta, Jamie Jones, Joseph Capriati, The Martinez Brothers, and Sasha | John Digweed.

For more information about ULTRA Brasil and all other ULTRA Worldwide events, stay tuned to http://www.ultrabrasil.com and http://www.umfworldwide.com.

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London mayor announces launch of 24-hour London Overground weekend service

London mayor announces launch of 24-hour London Overground weekend service ile ilgili görsel sonucu

London mayor Sadiq Khan will be instating 24-hour service for the London Overground starting later this year. The new plans will connect New Cross Gate with Dalston Junction, with connections to Highbury and Islington in 2018. The announcement comes less than a year after the city launched Night Tube services to connect passengers to nightlife hotspots east of the capital 24 hours a day, in August of 2016. Khan noted that the Night Tube services have been a “real success” across London and is delighted to bring the late night public transit services to East London in 2017. Under the current schedule, Overground trains stop just after midnight. In a statement the mayor elaborates,

“[These services] will provide huge benefits to Londoners and visitors to our city, helping those working hard through the night and all those out enjoying everything London has to offer, as well as creating jobs and boosting our economy,”

The Night Time Industries Association, which represents London’s bars and nightclubs, celebrated the good news.”London is making significant strides to become a smart, future-oriented 24-hour city in which transport is a vital component,” chairman Alan Miller said. The all-night Overground services are expected to launch in December.

Photo courtesy of Roger Marks/Flickr

H/T: FactMag

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Fabric Announces August and September Lineups

Fabric London

Nero, Eats Everything, and more are coming to the legendary nightclub this fall.

One of London’s best nightclubs for dance music, Fabric, has revealed its lineup for its summer party series. It looks like we have some all nighters on the dance floor in store for the next few months, and we couldn’t be more thrilled.

Coming off of a stacked July lineup featuring the likes of KiNKMonkiSeth TroxlerRicardo Villalobos, and the start of Daphni’s ‘Fabriclive 93‘, August and September will also feature some amazing talent to round out the summer.

In August, things continue to heat up with acts such as Toddla T and P Money at the beginning of the month on August 11th. The following week will host Berghain’s own Marcell Dettman for a much anticipated 6-hour marathon set. To top off the month, you’ll also be able to check out artists such as Eats Everything and the Heartless Crew, as well as Chris Liebing.

September cranks up the high heat with techno stars Dubfire and Detlef, followed by a bit of a left turn with some bass-heavy Nero and friends. The month finishes off with more techno and another 6-hour marathon set, this time from Ben Klock.

For more info, tickets, and all things Fabric London, you can check out their website at this link.

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