Cosmic Gate North American ‘MOSAIIK’ ALBUM Tour Coming Jan 2022


The summer of ‘21 gave us the release of ‘MOSAIIK Chapter One’, which saw Cosmic Gate break new ground with singles like ‘Nothing To Hide’, ‘Blame’ and ‘Vertigo’. Now, the moment every artist anticipates (and ever more keenly these days), this January sees Cosmic Gate take the ‘MOSAIIK’ album on its first official tour. Bridging the gap between the two ‘Chapters’, its creators will personally deliver the music from the albums to audiences, north, south, east & west.

Cosmic Gate have already disclosed that the first single from ‘MOSAIIK Chapter Two’ will arrive in January, with further releases leading up to the album drop itself in May 2022.  

What to expect of the tour then…? “Musically, says CG’s Bossi, ‘MOSAIIK’ was a big change-up for us. At shows we’ll be playing extended sets, allowing us to start deeper, build up longer and best reflect the LPs broader stylistic range”. “So, adds Nic, you’ll be hearing the ‘Chapter One’ music you already feel and love, along with your first chance to hear the tracks from ‘Chapter Two’!

Cosmic Gate tour their eleventh artist LP from Jan 15. No ‘MOSAIIK’ experience could be complete without it!

Cosmic Gate MOSAIIK North America Tour Phase One

JAN 15                   Charlotte, NC                       QC Social Lounge
JAN 21                   Denver, CO                           The Church
JAN 28                   Los Angeles, CA                  Exchange
JAN 29                   Vancouver, BC                     Harbour Convention Centre
FEB 04                   Portland, OR                         45 East
FEB 05                   San Francisco, CA               The Midway
FEB 11                   Toronto, ON                          Rebel
FEB 12                   Tempe, AZ                            Shady Park
FEB 25                   Austin, TX                              Cedar Street Courtyard
FEB 26                   Chicago, IL                            Sound Bar
MAR 04                  Atlanta, GA                            District
MAR 11                  Orlando, FL                           The Vanguard
APR 08                   Seattle, WA                           Ora
APR 23                   Costa Mesa, CA                   Time
MAY 06                  Houston, TX                          Stereo Live
MAY 07                  Dallas, TX                              Stereo Live

‘MOSAIIK Chapter One’ is available now, here ( Chapter Two arrives May 2022. 

Cosmic Gate – MOSAIIK – Chapter One

01: Cosmic Gate & Diana Miro – Blame
02: Cosmic Gate – Feel It
03: Cosmic Gate & Diana Miro – Nothing To Hide
04: Cosmic Gate – Your Mind
05: Cosmic Gate & Mike Schmid – Summer Wonder
06: Cosmic Gate – Vertigo
07: Cosmic Gate & Jule Thompson – These Dreams
08: Cosmic Gate – Universal Love
09: Cosmic Gate – Feel It (AVIRA Remix)

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