Dario Margeli – I’m That Kid

Do we allow the hardships of adult life to spoil our soul? In most cases life is so demanding that we lose touch of the precious elements of life. When we are children and we still do not know the problems of life, we are not afraid of the future. The song “I’m That Kid” by Dario Margeli wants to make us remember that feeling of freedom from fear.

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Our true self is that awareness that sees good and bad events come and go, while itself stays the same. The awareness remains the same as it was when we were kids. As grownups, it is still there but covered with our bad experiences. The song is meant to help the listener reach the light of consciousness again.

Although an experienced rock musician, this time Dario has opted for a New Retro Wave style production. Examples of this style of electronic production are hits like The Weeknd’s “Blinding lights” or Ollie Wride’s Running In The Night and FM-84. The song is fast and danceable and has great analog synthesizers.

Taken from the lyrics of the song:”Deep inside I’m that kid / who didn’t know what the word fear was/who would play for hours on the rooftop / never thinking of tomorrowDeep inside I’m that kid / who was not imprisoned with worries”

Lyrics and music of the song are by Dario Margeli.

Through the years, Dario’s music has morphed into music that serves the purpose of promoting spiritual teachings and life lessons. His music doesn’t reflect anger, because it’s best not to add more anger to this already sick world. During the day, he works in the office but finds time in the nights and weekends to create songs like his 2016 song “I’m Not My Brain”. When Dario was a kid, the music was very different. The disco music of musicians like Alec R Costandinos had strings sections with violins. Prince not only sang but was a masterful guitarist and the italo-disco gave joy to the listener. There were so many lessons learned from that music. Now, here in 2021, Dario is combining it with today’s new reality of software and smartphones.