Heimanu ‘Raaen / Die Awake’ NIGHTMODE

Heimanu calls upon the resistance with his riveting ‘Raaen / Die Awake,’ a defiant two-tracker sticking it to the man as part of the sixth season of releases on NIGHTMODE.

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In an age where anonymity begets artistic freedom, the Sydney-bred producer has effectively harnessed the power of remaining incognito to quickly become one of the most forward-thinking figures emerging from the trap circuit. Within the last few years, the hooded crusader has positioned himself as the torchbearer for a groundbreaking sound he has coined as NuRave, an innovative amalgamation of futuristic melodies and heart-pounding bass. Let’s just say the hype is God tier. Not only has he already aligned with like-minded artists on collabs alongside Hex Cougar, KRANE, Mayko and ARMNHMR, but the masked man of mystery has also been dancing around a narrative that anyone with their wits intact would happily subscribe to. Set in a dystopic era in which nefarious corporate conglomerates hold society in their death grip, a rebels alliance aims to upend the evil superpower through uncensored self-expression. During the final leg of 2020, Heimanu’s storyline intersected with NIGHTMODE when he offered up the ghostly “Atrea” to be included on the label’s ‘This Is Cyberpunk’ compilation in November. After months of incessant chat room chatter, he’s now stepping up with his first standalone appearance. 

The double-sided effort couples two contrasting rushes of adrenaline into one cohesive journey through wave. “Raaen” jumpstarts the proceedings with a jolt of euphoria, revolving around an empowering combination of clattering 808s, sweeping synths, breakbeat patterns, ethereal melodies and howling vocal hooks cleverly sidechaining to the bursts of bottom-end. The emotion alone is enough to stop the dancefloor dead in its tracks. There’s a darker edge dwelling within the B-side. “Die Awake” embraces the chaos, charting a path towards destruction that is outlined by haunting vox, frenetic arpeggiations, thumping drums, and seismic padlines. Although both tracks occupy their own unique section of the emotional spectrum, the real beauty of each manages to shine through with these two gems sitting side-by-side.

With his latest creation ‘Raaen / Die Awake,’ Heimanu reminds us that the revolution is nigh, and there’s still ample room to join him in his fight on the frontlines. 

“I really love both tracks and am keen to finally release them on NIGHTMODE! They’ve been super fun to play out at shows and online streams, so I’m stoked to get them out into the world. I hope that these records can briefly transport you somewhere else and take you on a journey.”–Heimanu

Heimanu Bio

Heimanu first came to prominence as a Sydney based producer with his official remix for RL Grime’s ‘UCLA’. He has since released on labels such as Sable Valley, DIM MAK, NIGHTMODE, Lowly and Circus Records, totaling 14M+ streams across all streaming platforms. He now has over 130k+ monthly Spotify listeners with 10k+ Spotify followers.

He won /r/traps Best Breakout Artist and Best Remix for 2020, with nominations for Best Artist, Best Original, Best Collaboration and Best Livestream. On top of this, he performed for RL Grimes Halloween IX Premiere with a total of 10k+ viewers for his performance and has production credits on RL Grime and Baauer’s single ‘Fallaway’.

His work has not gone unnoticed with backing from artists such as RL Grime, Baauer and Alison Wonderland. He has also received support from Spotify Editorial playlists such as Bass Arcade, Hype and Friday Cratediggers, as well as Australian national radio stations Triple J and FBi.

NIGHTMODE, part of Insomniac Music Group, is founded by Twitch streamer and content creator Tucker (Jericho) Boner & Daniel Goudie (of Disciple Recs & Rare Breed).