New distribution and collab-house Ledo accelerates aspiring producers with the launch of their “Connecting Creatives” initiative

An international campaign to boost the careers of young music makers by increasing their exposure on social media through content creators

In collaboration with Amsterdam Dance Event, Catalyst Berlin, Institute Of The Arts Barcelona, The School of House, and University of Oxford

Ledo, the platform that empowers music makers and content creators to collaborate directly and increase their exposure on social media, is celebrating its recent launch by offering aspiring producers and music students the opportunity to work with esteemed content creators from across the globe. The initiative aims to accelerate the careers of young talent by offering them the opportunity to work with renowned social media influencers including Max & HarveyNaim DarrechiThomas van der VlugtPatrox and Austin Kramer who will promote their music on social media and get their music heard.

99% of independent artists aren’t signed at a traditional label or don’t have the means to get their music heard. Ledo was created as a platform for music makers and content creators to connect and reach new audiences through creative collaborations. The “Connecting Creatives” campaign supports young talent by pairing them with leading content creators to bring exposure to their music.

Young talent can distribute their music and participate in the initiative here and follow Ledo on Instagram here for more announcements to come. For more information on Ledo, visit

About Ledo

In March, Ledo delighted the music industry with the launch which gives content creators access to a free download library of quality music to make their content stand out, or the opportunity to earn money for promoting music via Ledo’s collab-house. As a music maker, you can distribute your music and work with leading influencers to increase your streams and revenue without having to worry about copyright or clearance. Through Ledo’s marketplace, artists can choose to either pay an influencer a fixed fee to promote a track or they can negotiate a royalty split. Additionally, both parties can access a new audience and boost their awareness on social media. Ledo’s Free Music Library is a disruptive counter movement to the traditional sync model which is slow, untransparent, and expensive. Music sync is a valuable way for artists to get exposure, while content creators and brands can use cleared, quality but free original music on their socials and in their campaigns.


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