New Meets Nostalgia on Paul Loren’s New Single “Something I Can Do”

On the heels of his latest single “Marlena,” Brooklyn-based singer-songwriter Paul Loren shares the next song from his upcoming fall album Betwixt. His piano-driven “Something I Can Do” mixes new with nostalgia, channeling the artistry of the 60s and 70s most iconic songwriters. 

“‘Something I Can Do’ started off as a strummy, Wilbury-esque, little ditty. Pitting somewhat happy major chords against a longing, melancholic lyric wasn’t intentional, but I’ve realized it’s a trick I use quite often” Loren shares. “When I played it for the rhythm section in the studio, they honed in on the piano part I was playing, which became the glue, really, and transported the song to more Fleetwood Mac or late 70’s Petty territory. From there, everything followed.

The New-York native is a youthful old-school entertainer with a twinkle in his eye – it’d be easy to imagine him being introduced by Dick Clark or Johnny Carson, back in the day. He’s got a Rat Pack retro style but he sings about modern themes.

Listen to “Something I Can Do” HERE

More info:

Paul Loren is a singer, songwriter, producer and consummate entertainer. A native New Yorker, Paul was raised on the rich legacy of soul, classic pop, and the Great American Songbook and in those musical idioms he feels most at home. Taking elements from early rock ’n roll, rhythm & blues and Brill Building pop, he crafts his music with an ear towards timelessness. 

With an 11-song collection “Betwixt,” set for release in fall of 2021, Paul is ready to pivot in a new direction. The new songs, while retaining his knack for melody and timeless songwriting chops, traffic in a depth and brutal honesty not found in his earlier material. With an upbeat and groove-based thread that connects all the songs on the record, he ties together the more profound lyrical territory with a blazing rhythm section that feels rearing and ready to hit the road again.