Panteon breathes life into hazy pared-down gem ‘Storyteller’

New York via Berlin alt-pop singer-songwriter Panteon is poised to announce a brand new release with the arrival of ‘Storyteller’ due this November. Fusing subtle, understated melodies over Panteon’s hazy, wistful vocal delivery, the end product is nothing short of serene.

Panteon explains: “While finishing my album in between all the chaos of the unknown (that the pandemic brought upon us) I really enjoyed listening to Toronto based artist Andy Shauf and his stories of day to day life and how he gets lost in situations. It really resonated with a lot of my own feelings so one morning in early December I picked up my guitar and thought why not write a song about this guy – he’s been writing about everybody else so it might be nice to write a little tune about him. His songs are really honest and sincere – living in a time were everybody is trying to be somebody it feels nice to hear his voice in between a few others that still appreciate a good story and the idea of less is more.”

Panteon is Yvonne Ambree, Yvonne Ambree is Panteon. 

Panteon writes, records, produces, and performs songs that bridge time and space, earth and sky, analog and electronic, introspection and observation. She lives and works between New York and Berlin. 

Known for syncretic instrumentals, loamy vocals, and tender lyricism, Panteon’s most recent material, composed throughout our pandemic year, is as emotionally capacious as it is technically refined. 

Earlier works like Travel Log I (2018) reflect Panteon’s wild and enduring love for music as a means to create connection across context. Her 2021 release, Open Fire, offers meditations on lost love and empty spaces, on letting go and finding yourself at the beginning again.

The core of Panteon’s newest work, including “Storyteller”, “Correspondence” and “Archipelago” is formed by a clear commitment to presence, an elemental quality further evoked by field recordings collected during a solitary journey to the Swedish Archipelago; birdsong and water-song are inextricable from human-song, creating a polychromatic soundscape. These newer tracks will be shared one-by-one between November 2021 and March 2022, accompanied by stop-motion video and travel footage created by Panteon herself.