Party Favor ‘Whenever You’re Around’

Though his earthshaking beats inspire the world’s rowdiest crowds, there’s more to Party Favor (aka Dylan Ragland) than the “party” alone. His highly-technical production skills and conceptual song-shaping talents are among the reasons he’s a household name in dance music as earmarked by his latest single “Whenever You’re Around” released today (November 5) on Ultra Records.

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As the follow up to his 2021 singles “Save Me” and “Losing My Mind” featuring Elohim, “Whenever You’re Around” is a low-bass sophisticated rump-shaker. Says Party Favor, “This song first started life as a session with my friend Drew Love way back before the pandemic. It was super pop-leaning and we both loved it but never really ended up doing anything with the idea, but over the past year as I was working on all this new music, I remembered the vocal and reopened the project. I was able to totally flip and resample Drew’s voice into something completely removed from where it started, and I turned it into what I think of as this crazy hybrid mashup of genres and parts of ‘Party Favor.’ This is one of my favorite records on this new project and I love how it morphed from how it started to where it’s at now. The song has taken on a new life and the meaning of it is darker in tone about how we often times aren’t present in our relationships and focus on people and things only when they benefit us in the moment. And also it bangs Hope you dig it!”

About Party Favor:

Though his earth-shaking beats inspire the world’s rowdiest crowds, there’s more to the Los Angeles based producer and DJ dubbed Party Favor than the “party” alone. The highly-technical production skills and conceptual song-shaping talents of the artist born Dylan Ragland are among the reasons he’s a household name in dance music. From heavy, trap-rattled bangers to shimmery, synth-laced cuts, Party Favor proves his sonic aesthetic is boundless.

Party Favor’s music always elevates the vibe, whether soundtracking films and arcade favorites, or blasting from stages like Las Vegas’s Hakkasan and Omnia in Las Vegas where he’s held high-profile residences and at major festivals such as Coachella, Creamfields and Ultra Music Festival, among hundreds of others. 

Following a more reserved year at home, during which he snagged a GRAMMY nomination for his club-adjacent cut “On My Mind” which he produced alongside Nitti Gritti as SIDEPIECE, Party Favor also introduced viewers to his self-produced YouTube series “Kinda Isolated,” a side-project that shows off his on-camera and film-editing skills, as he invites electronic music’s key players into his home living room for candid conversations over craft cocktails.

In 2021, Party Favor turns introspective with new music which sees the artist reveal the next era of his creative journey, and tackle darker subject matter with the same high-energy treatments that have amassed him more 500 million streams to date and thrill-seeking bass chasers the world over. Hold tight, because this new chapter in Party Favor’s story is just getting started. 

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