Shiba San ‘Get High / All The People’ Factory 93

The Parisian house producer makes his debut appearance on Factory 93 with a warehouse-ready double-sided single.

Shiba San delivers his debut appearance on Factory 93 Records with a club-ready two-track effort, ‘Get High / All The People.’

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The prolific Parisian producer has long been a purveyor of envelope-pushing house music, from his dexterity behind the decks at some of the most renowned stages around the globe all the way through to cultivating a critically acclaimed catalog as the head of the lauded Basement Leak imprint. It goes without saying, the seasoned groove technician knows his way around a groove. His nearly decade-long discography spans some of the most respected labels in the game, and he’s now showcasing his underground sensibilities for Factory 93 with a heady double-sided offering.

The lead cut “Get High” is a low-slung warehouse weapon laced with potent percussive arrangements. Rolling rhythms and pulsating basslines are punctuated with machine-like precision, as wriggly synth stabs, squelchy acid lines and a cheeky PSA vocal sample weave in and out of the mix meticulously.

On the backside, “All The People” breaches into peak-time territory by ramping up the energy a few notches. Robust drums keep the groove anchored, while a blocky lead and elastic basslines are complemented by scratchy fills, choppy vox, and echoing effects up top.

“I started making ‘Get High / All The People’ to play at my shows when clubs were starting to open up again,” says Shiba. “I’m so happy to be back. I have always enjoyed working with Factory 93, so when I heard they were launching their own label, I knew I wanted to release these tracks with them.”

These gems have already been regularly road-tested by Shiba San since the world slowly started to reopen, and they will without question continue to be a premium dose of tech house in his sets for the unforeseeable future.

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Factory 93 explores the intersection of untethered creativity and bold self-expression, while never taking its finger off the pulse of the underground. When Insomniac broke out its figurative bolt cutters to dismantle the lock on the warehouse scene and return to its roots, it retold the story of its origins in hosting historic parties in the streets of Los Angeles. It also gave birth to a movement where discerning heads are living on the frontlines of celebrating radical ideas through the fusion of immersive live art, cutting-edge technology, and exceptionally curated house and techno. That vision continues to hold the same ground, even as the brand has grown and extends beyond the Downtown Los Angeles warehouse district, where it was originally conceived. Whether it’s at an intimate warehouse space or on a festival dancefloor, Factory 93 manufactures moments that make this culture one we’re proud to call our own.

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