Since bonding over song, studio and (no small degree of) soul, Sue McLaren & Suzanne Chesterton cemented their musical connection through the formation of Siskin. Following their ‘Real Love’ debut in early 2019, this kindred sisterhood has given us any number of expressive and emotionally stirring moments.

From its opaque title to its elegiac, hard-to-exactly-pin vocal nature, ‘Villaneve’ is all about the ether and all about the feels. With a carry-you-away quality, quite unlike anything you’ll have heard this year, its chorus transcends words as straightforward as ‘beautiful’ or ‘atmospheric’, landing closer to ‘enchanting’, ‘bewitching’ or outright ‘esoteric’.

Production-wise, Sisken aim ‘Villaneve’ at those final minutes ahead of peaktime. Short of euphoric, but powerful enough to remain driven, it gives Sue & Suzanne enough latitude to sub uplifting synths for organic organs, a deeper, more groovesome bass and warmer harmonies. In doing so, they’ve cultivated the most memorable of clubfloor experiences.

Siskin’s spectacular ‘Villaneve’ is out today ( To miss it might just be to miss 2021’s finest electronic music hour.