Sister Pop Duo GIRL907 Premiere Music Video For High Energy Track “Gotta Girlfriend”

Hailing from Kodiak, Alaska (area code 907), Rachele Lynae and Heather Cole are calling out a certain shady individual who has a girlfriend yet continues to hit on them in the visuals for their conquering anthem “Gotta Girlfriend”. The video, directed by Troy Jackson, will make you want to hit the boxing ring as GIRL907 do while they use it to take out their frustration and try not to be caught in the middle of this game. “Gotta Girlfriend” follows GIRL907’s first single “All Your Friends”

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GIRL907 is an infectious pop sister duo with a modern twist on a throwback vibe.  The brand new group consists of sisters Rachele Lynae and Heather Cole with a sound born out of Kodiak, Alaska (area code 907) and fine-tuned in the music cities of Nashville and Los Angeles. Raised as daughters of a fisherman, Rachele and Heather and have been singing together since they were barely big enough to stand alone on a stage. 

The girls began their musical journeys singing in church and school, writing their first song together when Rachele was 12 and Heather was just 9 years old. Both girls attended Belmont University to study music and begin to cultivate their own solo careers, Rachele in the country music world, Heather in the pop world, both singing backup for each other whenever possible. 

In 2018, Rachele expanded her songwriting expertise to include more pop material which created a common ground for the two to come together on a new sound and project that, in retrospect, had been in the making since their childhood. Finally, while quarantining together in 2020, GIRL907 began to put out acoustic clips as well as full videos on their socials.

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