SOLVAY X OKAYSHADES ‘Ghosted, or The Cactus Effect’

A Berlin based project via actress / jazz singer Solvay and electronic producer Okayshades who team up on a short film spanning three tracks about “the cactus effect” widely known as “ghosting”.

A frustrating and very common occurrence among the millennial dating app scene where a person suddenly cuts all contact with someone they’re dating, vanishing like a ghost. The soundtrack & film tell the momentum of a night out and the ghosting experience with plenty of surrealism and emotion in between. The lead character is played by Solvay (Rosa Landers) who wrote the script and lyrics based on her own personal experience. The 10 minute short musical film produced by the duo was shot over one weekend in Mahalla, a huge factory in the east of Berlin owned my filmmaker Ralf Schmerberg, with a crew of creative volunteers (including a small cameo by friend – Wayne Snow) 

Watch full film: 

The video connects three brilliant tracks each with its own mood, the music produced by Okayshades featuring Solvay’s seductive vocal. PART I – Sun Screen introduces the film with broken beat electronica, PART II – At Tension, blurs the lines between psychedelic trap, classic jazz and country. PART III – Like A Samba closes the film with a soultronic track you could just listen to on repeat.  

Solvay explains – “Plainly: the film is about a crush on someone and the result of inauthentic behaviour after being ghosted by them. To be confronted with rejection & thus be brought back to a painful ego-crashing soberness is relatable. To be shown one’s own clinginess can be entertaining from the outside, or in retrospective, and I wanted to explore the ugliness in this while allowing humour to uplift this insecurity & cringey behaviour” 

How the duo met was a serendipitous affair…….

Okayshades (Robin Brink) is best known as the drummer for South African pop band Beatenberg. Performing on Jools Holland, Jimmy Fallon, and in Hyde Park to name a few. Taking a break from what had been an intense year of touring with various artists around the world, he took a flight from Berlin to Taiwan….  

Okayshades – “On the flight to Taiwan I found myself seated next to a very charismatic Berlin born and raised actor and singer named Rosa Landers. We connected immediately and spent the flight raving about our favourite artists. Three weeks later I found myself at the airport sitting next to Rosa again, and this reencounter convinced us to start spending some time making music together, meeting in my studio with no purpose other than having a laugh. After a while we realised that our jam sessions had developed into something worth taking seriously”  

Having been through the music industry’s major label release cycle Robin was drawn to do things differently, connecting with Rosa’s inspired idea to produce a short musical film that would communicate the experience she once had being ghosted by a guy in a club. They spent a few months assembling a crew of volunteers who could help execute the vision once the lockdown had eased up and they eventually got their chance to shoot this unique 10 minute movie. 

Written, produced, directed by and starring: Rosa Landers as Solvay

Executive Producer: Robin Brink as Okayshades