Above & Beyond Released Anjunafamily

First heard on the Anjunabeats Volume 14 compilation, Above & Beyond are now sharing the monumental release ‘Anjunafamily’ dedicated to their beloved fans. True to Above & Beyond‘s signature sound, the release is an anthemic trance anthem, complete with an emotive build-up and cascading drop. Fans can watch the trio drop it live in Hong Kong from ABGT300 here.   Advertising

Above & Beyond Releases New Single ‘Rocket Science’

Crafting a record that ignites festivals dancefloors worldwide? Well, it’s not brain surgery. It is, however, ‘Rocket Science.’ Debuted for 23,000 fans at the Gorge Amphitheater last September, Above & Beyond present their latest, inimitable formulation for dancefloor propulsion. Tweaked and tinkered in the rarefied air of their London studio, Anjunabeats Propulsion Labs predict the track will achieve the optimal angle…