Covina & Mateo Drop Powerful Remix For Illenium & Gryffin’s ‘Feel Good’

covina mateo feel good

Covina & Mateo – ‘Feel Good‘ – Covina & Mateo are a DJ and producing duo group based in Denver, Colorado and after a slew of strong remixes, mashups, edits and original productions, they are back again with their intense, body chilling remix of Illenium & Gryffin‘s song ‘Feel Good‘ featuring Daya.

Their focus is on electro house, progressive house, pop and everywhere in between. With this new remix having just been released, they continue to show they are a powerful up and coming group. Having earned the respect and support of many top DJs in the world, this rendition of ‘Feel Good‘ without a doubt continues to cement this respect.

Embrace some bone chilling vibes, sit back and let the melody and bass hit you hard! Show some love by following Covina & Mateo below and enjoy the week, feeling good.

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Gryffin Releases Official Video For ‘Feel Good’ Ft. Daya

Gryffin – ‘Feel Good‘ Official Video – Los Angeles-based DJ and producer Gryffin has released the official music video for ‘Feel Good‘ with Illenium, which featured Daya. Described by Billboard as “melodic ear candy,” ‘Feel Good‘ dropped March 3rd through Darkroom and Interscope Records and has since amassed over 19 million streams on Spotify. Watch the video below!


Gryffin Releases “Feel Good” with Illenium and ft. Daya

Los Angeles-based artist and producer Gryffin releases a new single, “Feel Good” with Illenium and featuring Daya via all digital retailers through Polydor/Darkroom/Interscope Records.

Download: “Feel Good”

Emotionally charged and irresistibly high-energy, “Feel Good” is powered by hypnotic melody, massive beats, and a soulful vocal performance from multiplatinum singer/songwriter Daya, who is fresh off her Grammy Award win for the multi-platinum smash “Don’t Let Me Down” with The Chainsmokers.

In crafting the arrangement with Illenium, Gryffin drew equally from his edgy ingenuity as a producer and his carefully honed musicality as a longtime guitarist and classically trained pianist.

“The lyrics that Daya came up with had so much intensity to them — writing about that significant other in your life who puts you in a positive, happy state of mind, even when bad things may be happening in your life or in the world. I wanted the production to reflect that intensity, but at the same time create a really positive vibe,” explains Dan Griffith, who’s made music under the name Gryffin since 2014. “My goal with the song was to find that balance, and I ended up hitting it by adding a lot of synth sounds I’d never used before, and by bringing in different guitar textures and then flipping them in a new way. That’s what the Gryffin project is about overall: making electronic music but using real guitar and real piano so that there’s this organic feeling to every song.”



gorillaz gun

Unfortunately, Gorillaz recently announced that their new forthcoming album had to be pushed back to 2017. Obviously, we’re fortunate that we’re getting a new Gorillaz album at all, but the sooner the better, right?

Anyway, in order to appease fans for the time being, or perhaps for some other unknown reason, Gorillaz has begun reuploading some of their most classic hits in HD for all to enjoy. For now, the only HD videos available are “Feel Good, Inc.,” “19-2000,” and “Clint Eastwood,” but it’s very likely that more will soon follow.

The discovery was first made on Reddit yesterday, and the news soon went viral.

(One of the users on reddit noted that the videos are still technically standard definition, but blown up to a higher resolution.)