Valy Mo “2045” • AFTR:HRS

Following on from the tantalizing Dimension that released late last year, Valy Mo returns to Tiesto’s AFTR:HRS club imprint for 2019 with his latest offering coming in the form of new single 2045. Download “2045” Valy Mo’s 2045 incorporates the producers’ signature laser house sound with an array of pulsing beams and scattered synths that flourish amongst a rumbling bassline and haunting vocal….

Valy Mo “Dimension”

Following on from a slew of singles this year, including Survival and No Joy, Valy Mo’s signature laser house sound makes its debut with Dimension on Tiesto’s esteemed AFTR:HRS club label. Download “Dimension” Valy Mo’s Dimension is a mind-bending production of twists, turns and surprising vocal samples. Spanning the realms of underground house and bass music, Dimension really does transport us to a…