Blasterjaxx Tease XX Files – Festival Edition With Hot Single ‘Savage’

Blasterjaxx – ‘Savage‘ – After the stupendous XX Files collection blew our minds earlier this year with its potent mix of vocal anthems and dance floor bangers, Blasterjaxx has now returned with a second volume to delight their fans with: XX Files – Festival Edition. The first taste of this upcoming collection of big room tracks comes in the form of this new record, ‘Savage.’

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With tense synth plucks layered with low end grunts, ‘Savage‘ blossoms into a cascade of reverbed melodies as a percussive build sends the track into overdrive. A seductive French female spoken vocal signals the drop, wherein a frenzied, distorted hook plays out over tough percussive hits and rasping bass tones.

This is the sound of Blasterjaxx doing what they do best. The track was given a serious road test on Kingsday in Holland, where Thom played three gigs in one day with a little help from their very stylish helicopter.



Blasterjaxx’ Feature-Length XX Files EP

blasterjaxx xx files ep

Blasterjaxx – XX Files EP – Blasterjaxx has finally unleashed their highly anticipated XX Files EP. Not quite their debut album, this is instead a collection of tracks that they have put together that reflects where they are in their creative journey. Featuring five new songs, which had previously only been heard in sets and on radio shows, fans will be entranced with every track with euphoria, stomping grooves, chilled out trap house and more.

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XX Files has a little bit of it all, from monstrous instrumentals, glorious vocals and more to an overall powerful sound. Having just released it through their imprint Maxximize Records, these two present a raw and massive sound.

Blasterjaxx will bring the sound of XX Files to their adoring fans across the world over the next few months, with dates in the US, Surinam, Mexico, Germany, Belgium, Canada, Portugal and the Netherlands to name just a few. It is without a doubt that we will be hearing these tracks all year long!

Blasterjaxx Tease Feature-length EP With Hot Singles

blasterjaxx xx files

Blasterjaxx – XX Files – In anticipation of the hyped up eight track full-length EP XX Files, EDM giants Blasterjaxx have teased up with three separate, hot singles.

The first in line is ‘Black Rose‘ with Jonathan Mendelsohn driving the track forward with his smooth vocals over stomping, pulsating festival and electro house vibes. The next captivating production is ‘Collide,’ featuring powerful vocals from David Spekter and hosting a strong progressive house sound. ‘More‘ concludes the teaser with a fresh and tasty future house sound featuring emotional and smooth Mister Blonde vocals.

These three productions definitely give fans a taste of what’s to come from the strong duo. Make sure to keep up with what these guys have in store below and get ready for the release of XX Files on March 10.