Vancouver’s Indietronica Artist Underduck Releases First Single ‘Bob Dylan and I’ From His New Record

Vancouver, BC, Canada – Underduck’s first single ‘Bob Dylan and I’, from his upcoming album ‘Nothing Could Go Wrong, Nothing Did’, will be released on November 19th, 2021.

‘Bob Dylan and I’ is an indietronica track with indie-dressed vocals bulldozed by a masterminded, chaotic production. It is detailed and clearly thought through, with every addition of unique sounds and electronic beats. It takes you on an experience as Underduck expresses his emotional adventure leading you through dark, futuristic places with glimmers of electric guitars and vocal melodies that feel like you are in on a secret. 

There is upbeat energy to ‘Bob Dylan and I’ but it has hints of darkness that coax you into the shadows. “I learned more about myself through letting go, I believe lyrics are a mantra and you attract what you write. I wanted to write happy words. I eventually let go of that because I started to feel disingenuous and out of touch with myself. I want to write more story songs moving forward”. 

When asked what Underduck wrote the ‘Bob Dylan and I’ about, he replied, “ripeness of youth liberated through the nostalgia of summer. This stems from having experienced enough things going wrong while on psychedelics to have some level of foresight into what can make an experience really special”. 

Underduck wrote produced/mixed and mastered ‘Bob Dylan and I’ with samples from;  Philadelphia Freedom – Elton John, Stamina – Vitalic, Cut me up – Har Mar Superstar, Muji Judith Wright centre brisbane 19th december 05 – Sunshine Has Blown, Double Envelopment – Rabbit & Chino Amobi, Closer – CoH plays Cosey.

Sonically resonant of artists such as Hot Chip, Ratata and Chromeo.

“I make golden retriever music interpreted by MGMT” – Underduck

Available on all platforms November 19th.

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Underduck is a solo pop effort fronted by Quinn Thomas, a multi-instrumentalist producer and singer-songwriter. Underduck’s, live shows have the biting edge of early White Stripes if they were techno DJ’s. Songs off their upcoming record sound like if MGMT is at their prime writing music for the way that puppies look at you. High energy, fun, and good old-fashioned entertainment to forget about things for a dance or two.